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It's time to introduce the lovely ladies of MAMAMOO!

Mamamoo is a four-member, South Korean girl group under Rainbow Bridge World (formally known as WA Entertainment.) They debuted on June 18, 2014 with the song Mr. Ambiguous, which was considered one of the best kpop debuts by critics. They then released the song "Piano Man" on November 21, 2014. In 2015, they released the songs "Ahh Oop" and " Um Oh Ah Yeh," which launched them into fame. Their popularity did nothing but grow afterwards. They held their first fan meet, 1st Moo Party, at the Olympic Park in Seoul. Tickets for the fan meet sold out within one minute. This year, they have released the songs 1cm/Taller Than You (February 12, 2016) and You're the Best (넌 is 뮌들) (February 26, 2016), which earned them their first music show win. They also released the song "woo hoo" and are now models for LG and will promote "woo hoo" as the OST for "LG G5 & Friends". Members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, Hwasa

Solar (솔라)

Real Name: Kim Yong-sun Birthday: February 22, 1991 Height: 163 cm

Moonbyul (문별)

Real Name: Moon Byul-yi Birthday: December 22, 1992 Height: 165 cm

Wheein (휘인)

Real Name: Jung Whee-in Birthday: April 17, 1995 Height: 162 cm

Hwasa (화사)

Real Name: Ahn Hye-jin Birthday: July 23, 1995 Height: 162 cm

Songs (In order of release)

Mr. Ambiguous Piano Man Ahh Oop Um Oh Ah Yeh 1cm/ Taller Than You You're The Best (넌 is 뮌들) Woo Hoo

Please check out these girls and show them so much love and support!

(Note: I do not own any pictures or videos used in this card. Credit goes to the rightful owner)


what is so sad is when Hwasa is a year younger than and looks Solar's age. and Solar looks Hwasa's age but is older than you... 😲😲😂😂 haha these girls are seriously amazing! i am mamamoo trash
these girls are extremely talented and deserve more spotlight. My ultimate bias is Hwasa! Her body is goals lol
My ultimate bias girl group. Mine is Hwasa @SimplyAwkward
mine is Wheein @SimplyAwkward
Favorite girl group right there ♡
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