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The sky began growing dark over the grasslands beyond the city walls. The wind rushing, blowing the tall grass over and making the trees sway. The darkness was not caused by the setting sun and the rising moon, but instead a coming storm. The city was being blanketed by the downpour of rain, yet life continued on; the people crowding the floating walkways connecting buildings, or on the sidewalks with their umbrellas. The city seemed as normal as ever, and life continued undisturbed. No one had any worries here it was safe, or so they thought. The people walking the sidewalks began cursing and shouting as they were knocked aside by a group of people sprinting through them. At the head, was a young man with jet black hair. He was running, with his body, and worn out faded clothes, drenched by the downpour. The two men behind him rushed furiously after him. As drenched as they were they dare not give up their chase. The boy dove into an alley way, but found it to be a dead end, he was trapped, the two men were closing in, as he could hear their footsteps. Damnit! He thought. I’m dead, so dead. He jumped when he heard the loud smash as an aluminum trash can was kicked against the wall. He turned slowly, finding the luminescent violet glow of their eyes dead set on him. As they moved in on him they slowly began laughing. The one in front, the red-head was cracking his knuckles, neck and other joints as he gave the boy a sinister grin. His black, crimson rimmed eyes, darted back and forth between the two men. “Well! Haha, looks like he lead himself into his own grave, eh Bremin?” the red-head shot back to his partner. “Yeah, it is a perfect spot, especially for your ‘Arm-Glade’, Marou. Shouldn’t be that much of problem at all.” Bremin says commenting on the dark flooded alley and combing his drenched auburn hair back. After all there was only one way out, and they were too far in for anyone to see in this downpour, let alone hear anything. The boy took a step back, his heart beating in his chest, sounding like a cannon in his ears. He tried looking for a way out other than his entrance, but there was none. It was either die here in this decrepit place, where it seemed every one dumped their trash, or fight his way out. Albeit there was still that continuous raging thought in his head. Why? WHY?! “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CHASING ME?!!?!?!?!” he finally let loose, as he clenched his fist together, and screamed at them. The two were taken aback by this, but soon found themselves laughing once again at him. He was growing agitated by this; they wouldn’t answer him just kept laughing. So he pulled up the courage once again, only this time it was backed by anger, and he questioned them once more. “Why are you chasing me? What did I do to you anyway? Why can’t you just leave me alone?!” He finally caught their attention, and they soon quickly calmed down. Though, in the same instance he felt a sort of strange pressure, a sort of unease came about him and he quickly gave up his bravado. “I thought that to be simple.” Bremin finally answers. “We want to kill you, I mean after all you are an Advent. This is war.” Marou followed up. “That doesn’t make any sense, I’m human! I’ve done nothing against you.” The boy swallowed. Silence dropped like a bomb, and for what seemed like an eternity. They just stood there starring him down, trying to figure his behavior out. Marou finally grew tired of this game, and placed his hands against the alley walls. In a quick fluid motion he brought his arms down and across, letting them rest in front of his chest. The boy could pick out bits and pieces of what looked like brick and metal floating around Marou’s arms. What is going on?! He thought as he saw the fragments converge, and morph Marou’s arms. “Arm-Glade!” Marou shouted as his arms were completely engulfed. A sudden pulsing sensation radiated through the boy’s body. He didn’t know what to do; he could try making it up the fire escapes, or maybe try and defend himself. He was starring death in the face, a death whose arms were that of a monster. Razor sharp claws covered the hands and a shield like cover up the forearm with the final accent being that of the massive blades that extended out of the outer side of his arms and curved forward making a deadly arc in the process. “How do you like them? Beautiful right? Heh.” Marou threw another sinister grin at the boy. The pulse stopped, and the boy’s senses went on high alert. Monster he thought. Marou slung forward, sending a massive slash towards the boy. The strange pulse burst forward and he put his right hand up, blocking the strike. Marou was stopped dead in his tracks, and a horrified look of fear came across his face. For in that instant he felt a hand grip his face, and an intense burning rip through his entire body; then there was nothing. Bremin looked on in horror, as he saw Marou’s body fall to the ground, lifeless. The boy fell to the ground in agony; the pulse had now turned into an intense burning raging through his entire body. So many emotions flooded his head, anger, hatred, fear, loneliness, emptiness, sorrow. Yet in this rush, he found something to grab onto. ‘Nero’ he recognized it, a name, his name; and one other thing. Advent and Adalusion, but he knew not how to make sense of it at that moment. His hands still gripped his arms as he shouted trying to make the tempest of insanity stop. Why? Why me? Please, please stop. Stop. Stop. Please, enough! “Just SHUT UP!!!!!!” Nero let out arching backwards and throwing his arms back, chest out, letting his voice rip through the thunderous downpour. Bremin could not make sense of this. He just could not believe it, would not believe it. “My brother,” He began, “what did you do to my brother?” Nero staggered to his feet, and began to speak. “I-I don’t know. I don’t k-know.” He began, still struggling to get a grasp of reality. “I-I’m a…. I’m a….. A… m-monster.” “You… you DAMNED ADVENT!!!!” Bremin yelled. “YOU KILLED MY BROTHER, MY LITTLE BROTHER, I’LL KILL YOU, AND I’LL ADVENGE HIM!!” Bremin slammed his hands against the walls, and threw them forward, sending a ripple that flowed down the walls. Nero snapped back to his senses sensing the danger, the pulse that he felt when Marou attacked him. His gaze fell on Bremin, his body readied itself and the tempest was gone. He was unaware however, the power encircling his right arm. Bremin was ready, “Upheaval!” He yelled as the walls ripped apart sending a burst of razor sharp spikes, crashing towards Nero. “Block this!” The full force of the attack hit its target, ceasing to a halt. Bremin grinned and stepped forward, kneeling by his brother’s corpse. He put his hand over Maruo’s face; closing his seared eyes. He then stood back up, and let a tear drop. “Rest in peace, brother.” “You can…. Join him!” Nero barked as the mass of metal and brick shattered before him. Bremin was shocked, he knew the attack hit home. Nero should be dead right now. He caught a slight gleam and found Nero’s right arm. It was covered in pure metal; his hand, up his fore arm and the blade that jutted out right below his elbow. “Arm-glade….. But how, an Advent shouldn’t be capable of Matter Transference. That’s impossible.” Bremin lost his focus, and Nero brought the blade down slicing him from right shoulder to left hip. As he staggered back, Nero did not skip a beat; he turned on his heel, bringing his left hand up and slamming Bremin in the face and pinning him to the ground, and there he lay, lifeless. Nero fell back the burning pain, and the surge of emotions blasting his consciousness returning. It was weaker this time however. The pain vanished quickly, and he was able to stand. As for the swirl of emotions he was able to see through them slightly and make out reality from nightmare. Confusion still had its grip on him, and in a fit he sent out the ‘upheaval’ power that Bremin used. It tore through the wall of the alley-way and destroyed half the side walk. Nero could hear the screams and cries of the people, when he staggered out of the alley he witnessed the destruction he caused. The flooded streets ran red from the blood of the people killed by the spikes and destruction that he caused. Monster! The voices in his head raged. You killed innocent people. They had families, but you killed them! “No. It was an accident! It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t mean to! Shut up. Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up, SHUT UP!!” he began flailing, grabbing his head and screaming about. He was being watched by the people in the streets. He could feel their hatred for him, their malice. He was filled by fear, all he could do was run, and so he did. It felt as though the world was not going to let him forget what he just did, the rain came down harder and harder and he ran faster and faster. The voices in his head that swirled around in a fierce tempest closed in on his consciousness and he slowed, falling to the ground, blacking out. The thunder dissipated, and rain slowed. The sun began shining steadily, as the clouds parted into the blue sky. Nero was under an old awning lying on a bench, his soaked clothes were not the tad bit dried yet. He steadily began waking up, opening his eyes to his new surroundings. He sat up and took a look around. He was not expecting the scenery; old rain-rotted buildings, bricks that had crumbled to dust, and the one thing that really caught his attention. There were buildings, parts of the road and sidewalks that looked as though they completely vanished. He noticed and the first thought that crossed his mind was that of the two brothers he had just killed. They did this, didn’t they? He thought. Or could it have been others like them? The swirl of voices, which had not left, commented. “Others?... More like them, similar…. Adalusion. Adalusion. Adalusion!” he rambled dealing with the rampancy of his mind. He gripped the sides of his head once again, his breathing quickening and his eyes widening, tears streaming his face. “Adalusion Adalusion Adalusion Adalusion!!!” the rampancy growing. He fell to his knees, beginning to scream. Was he going insane? His grip on reality was weakening, and he was lost. In this fierce tempest however, he caught something; out of place voices. This helped him find his grip, and he realized the voices weren’t in his rampant head, they were individuals. Two women….two men. He thought. “Hey, Fei, you sure they went this way?” a young energetic male voice called out. “Yes, Logan.” The voice that replied, Fei, a soft young female voice, answered. Nero was amazed! He looked all around, but could not find the voices’ owners. Although it was apparent to him they were not close, but it was enchanting to him. He could tell things about them, like they were above ground level, and that suddenly…they were very close. “What is it Fei?” an older female voice asked. “Seire…. T-they aren’t here.” She hesitated. “Hey Clark, what’s she mean by they ain’t here?” Logan asked. “Fei can see the soul’s aura of any individual. It’s a rare gift.” A rough husky voice answered. “Yes, but Fei, what do you see?” Seire pursued. Fei said nothing, just pointed. The others followed the direction to find Nero. Then she finally spoke. “We’ve been following him this entire time. Advent.” They paused, remained silent for a few moments while the realization came over them. Marou and Bremin, they were gone and they had been chasing an Advent the entire time. Though, what they couldn’t figure out is how they ended up following him. “Fei,” Seire started, “what are you talking about? How did we end up chasing him, an Advent?!” “I don’t know, but I’m seeing both of my brothers’ spirits in the Advent.” “That can only mean-“ Clark began to speak, but was cut off by a large crash. Nero fell back, as fear clouded his mind. He could make out a glimmering object, though fairly clear, almost invisible. Crystal… but how? His mind raced. He reached out to it and felt a smooth sharp surface, and was taken aback by its sheer size. “Wow, I missed!” Logan shouted. “Logan! What the hell?!” Clark yelled at him. The slender white haired young man just stood there and grinned slyly. Knowing how much it irritated the older more muscular man, to the point his skin seemed to turn red, boiled by anger. “You two never stop, do you?” Seire, the middle-aged woman said, punching the two in the back of the head. Her radiant jet black hair that hung free to her shoulder flew in the wind, as her straight laced attitude pierced their unsightly antics. Her hazel-golden eyes stared Nero down, “Or do you seem to forget that there is an enemy in front of us?” “Yeah, but he just seems so damned pathetic, I wouldn’t be surprised if the maggot didn’t wet himself as scared as he is.” Logan shot of standing straight grinning even bigger. “For once I’d have to agree with your spoiled ass.” Clark added as he brushed the dust off his jacket. Nero still sat up against the wall where he fell. He couldn’t move, he knew what they were saying to each other, and it was true, he was scared. Look at me. He thought as he looked at his reflection in a puddle, he saw himself, his jet black hair accented by six bold, crimson streaks. He saw his pitch black, crimson rimmed eyes, quivering. His teeth chattering, he could see himself trembling. Look at me. I am a coward. I can’t do this I’m no monster, like them. He began again. The tempest quickly began again as well. No, you forget you are just like them. Maybe. Or maybe you’re nothing. Maybe you’re a human? You’re nothing! The thoughts swirled in his head, and he lost his grip on reality once more falling into emptiness. No!! I am something. I’m alive, I have to be something….Don’t i?.....well? I am something aren’t I? Aren’t I? He was in a limbo, for what seemed like an eternity. There had to be hundreds of them, the voices. All laughing, screaming, cursing at him. It swirled then raged, the fierce tempest. Yet he was still just there, confusion, fear, loneliness, sorrow, and anger. An anger spurred by the fear of loss. Or was it perhaps the anger of knowing that something was taken from him. Whatever caused this rush of anger brought him around, he knew what he was. Well do you know? Of course he doesn’t. Hopeless, he’s just hopeless. Shut up! I’m an Advent…. There in front of me is my, “Enemy!” he broke free of the tempest and brought himself back to reality. Maybe we were wrong, hahaha!!! The thoughts cursed him once more.