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ANIME: Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride)


Futaba Yoshioka wants to "reset" her life. In junior high, girls ostracized Futaba because too many junior high boys liked her. The only boy Futaba liked, Kou Tanaka, moved away before she could tell him how she felt. Now in high school, Futaba is determined to fit in with all the other girls. She acts unladylike so her new friends won't become jealous of her. While living her new life contentedly, she meets Kou again, but he now uses the name Kou Mabuchi and has a cold attitude. He tells her that he liked her too in junior high, but feels differently now.



Mabuchi Kou is definitely my favorite character from this anime since the first time I saw him in the High School stage. All grown up and masculine. I was like hey man! You FINE! XD I fell instantly in love with Kou, he is #3 in my favorite anime guys. I love everything about his character. He was adorable when he was younger because he was more feminine and his voice was more high pitched. Plus he was short. But after he enters high school, Kou is now tall, masculine and has a deeper voice. His hair is also grown out which is a bonus in my opinion because ive always loved guys with longer hair and his is the perfect length. He acts cold to Futuba the first time he talks to her but that's only because he has a sad past and that's the reason why he couldn't keep his promise to her and go to the fireworks festival together. His name back in Middle School was Tanaka Kou but even his name changes to Mabuchi Kou. There is still that soft and warm hearted Tanaka inside of Mabuchi. Futuba is the one that brings that out of him. Kou is sweet, he just doesn't show it easily. He worries a lot about his friends and he is super smart. Kou also loves Futuba, same as he did in the past!


Futuba is actually one of my favorite female leads in an anime because she is more realistic and seems like a normal girl. She isn't annoying and she is caring. She worries about others feelings being hurt and loves Kou so much. In Middle School she was the pretty and popular girl that most girls hated because she acted all cute around all of the guys but she didn't mean to. She just got shy around them, so she always said that she hates boys!!! But Kou was the only guy she liked. When Kou leaves after the Fireworks Festival, Futuba decides to change her actions to turn away the guys in high school because she didn't like the attention. She wanted to make friends and not think about boys. She even eats a bunch of food for lunch everyday to disgust the boys and bring down her feminine side. She is ashamed that Kou sees her like that when she meets him again and tries to be attractive only to him. Futuba is a bright and sweet person who befriends the people closest to her quickly. She's also a lot less shy now.


Yuri Makita - Is exactly like how Futuba was in Middle School. Cute which causes her to be disliked by many girls and she is usually all by herself. Yuri prefers to be hated for who she truly is than to be liked for someone she isn't. Yuri and Futuba soon become best friends. She falls in love with Kou. Shuko Murao - Shuko is beautiful but has a cold exterior which drives others away and due to experiences in Middle School, she fails to trust girls. She is in love with Mabuchi's older brother, Tanaka - sensei. And after becoming friends with Futuba and Yuri, her trust in girls has been restored. Aya Kominato - Aya is close friends with Shuko and even has an unrequited crush on her that she clearly knows about. He is outgoing and spontaneous, possibly the only character without any social problems. Aya harbors a hatred towards Tanaka - sensei. Eventually Kou and him become close friends.


Heart to Heart Moment! I love this scene so much. Futuba is finally trying to break down his wall from hiding and she gets through to him. She lets him know that he isn't alone and that all of them will always stay by his side. I cried watching this scene because it's so sweet and heartfelt to watch. Kou lets out his emotions and starts crying. Also a bonus scene that is my absolute favorite moment between these two. I think it's the sweetest. A train passes and Kou smells Futuba's shampoo. He thinks it's attractive and says it. They both blush! >.<


This couple is for sure in my top 5 of favorite anime couples! I love them together so much, they are so compatible and cute. They are always making fun of each other but when their alone, it's nothing but sweetness. I read the manga and their ending is so adorable. I hope they get another season but as of now they didn't cancel not did they renew it. But I'm praying because they could so make another season based off the completed manga. They are innocent and adorable. I want to see an anime form of the rest of the manga!!!!


Ao Haru Ride has one of my favorite anime openings ever because of it's fun, upbeat, bright, bubbly and colorful feeling it gives off. It is fun to watch, this opening is one of the few I will sit and listen to for each episode. I don't do that for many. I love singing along to it and it makes me smile. The ending song isn't the best in the beginning until the buildup and it gets better but it's not a memorable song to me. I didn't remember it until I just watched it. My favorite song from this entire show is "I Will" by Chelsy. There is a piano version for it and if you know the original version with the words then while listening to the piano version you will unconsciously hum the lyrics to this version. I do it all the time. It's a sad song but I love it so much!


This anime is amazing and one of my favorite anime's and my favorite manga. I love the storyline so much, it tells a love story between two people who once loved each other but two years later they both change completely yet they fall for one another all over again. It's sweet and really cute. I love all of the characters and their funny personalities. This anime has beautiful animation. The art style is light and bubbly. It gives you a feeling of young love in the air. The music is amazing, it draws you in and doesn't leave you hanging. There is definitely room for another season and most fans of this anime are rooting for one because the manga is amazing and the drama builds. So, I want to see more! Futuba and Kou have one of the sweetest romances I've ever seen, it's too pure and innocent. I love them together and want to see them end up together in the anime not just in the manga. I absolutely loved this anime, I rewatch it sometimes when I miss it and I don't rewatch many anime's. Another one I rewatch is "Say, I Love You" because that's a really beautiful anime.


10/10 - I really recommend this anime to everyone. It's a light hearted romantic / comedy with a beautiful story that will make you fall in love. Therefore if your into romance anime, WATCH IT!!

Have you watched "Ao Haru Ride", and did you like it?

so I haven't seen this one either but it is on my to watch list
@hantam97 Great question! #1 will always be Inuyasha #2 Takumi Usui
@RosePark I don't think it is overrated but it would be even better and higher rated if there was a 2nd season because people wouldn't be as upset with the ending.
Love love love this anime. I had to read the manga after I finished the show, I needed more!! And it was worth reading the manga!!!
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