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By the end of the week things had settled into a schedule of sorts. Bathrooms were still a little sketchy, you only ran into Hongbin once coming out in a towel.
He was covered, geez, Leo and his sensitivity.
At least it wasn’t as bad as almost walking in on Hyuk undressing to get INTO the shower…yeah thank heavens for boxers and him not liking commando.
You’re thinking about giving a lesson in door locks or maybe putting a sign they can flip to 사용 ‘sayong’ (in use) or heck, a sock on the door handle would work!
You’ve decided it’s time to break down and call your parents. Let them know you might be stay staying in Korea forever. You aren’t really sure how to approach the subject; Leo wants you to wait until he’s there with you for support. Due to time differences that makes a late night, early morning for him but he says it isn’t a worry.
You take a deep breath and dial, putting it on speaker phone so Leo can hold your hand.
“[YN]! Sweety, how are you?”
“Hi Mom, I’m good, how are you?”
“Oh, fine fine. Here let me get your dad on the other line.”
“That would be great thanks.”
“[YN]? What do you need money?”
Your mom laughs, you don’t think he’s funny.
“No dad, no money thanks anyway.”
“So then why are you calling? We normally only hear from you once every couple of weeks.”
Leo squeezes your hand; you take a deep breath and try again.
“How would the two of you feel if I said I wanted to move to Korea? Permanently?”
“Permanently? Not just to go to school? What’s going on over there?”
“Nothing bad. I do want to stay for school, I found out they have a music program here and with all the idols, I’m thinking it would be pretty great.”
“Well that’s fine, but school doesn’t last forever. Why are you wanting to stay after that?”
“I’ve started dating someone. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the one.”
You hear mumbled conversation in the back, “Did you tell her? We can’t have her just being with a guy she thinks will be it. You should have told her before she left.”
“I can hear you guys. What should you have told me?”
You hear a sigh, “I’m going to give this phone call over to your mother. Love you sweet pea, let me know what’s decided.”
“Okay, bye dad.”
You look at Leo confused, he motions for you to talk to your mom.
“Tell me about this guy sweetheart.”
“I guess you could say he’s my mate, my soul mate. You’d really like him.”
“Did you say soul mate?”
“I did. He’s the one mom. It doesn’t matter what you haven’t told me. I know he's the one, I can feel it; plus there are other things I don’t really want to share over the phone.”
“Oh, thank God. For a minute we thought you’d gone and just gotten any old boyfriend.”
You’re stunned a minute, she’s taking this awfully well.
“Mom? Why are you taking this so well? I thought it was going to be weird when I told you.”
“Do you remember the story I used to tell you at bedtime?”
“About the princess and her leaving home to find the other half of her soul, finding it in a man far away?”
“Yes, that's the one. But see, it wasn’t a fairy tale, it’s your story. Or it would be, now it is, does that make sense?”
“You knew I had a mate somewhere?”
“Yes. We’ve always known. Why do you think we encouraged you to take the exchange in South Korea? We weren’t ever told who our children’s mates are just where the other half of their soul would be located in the world. I’m so glad you found him. Is he there with you?”
You laugh, “Yeah, he’s here giving me moral support.”
“Did you dream of him first? That’s the way it was with your father and I.”
“Why didn’t you tell me any of this sooner? I thought I was going crazy!”
“Oh sweety I’m sorry. It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never experienced it before. Now that you have, would you have honestly believed me before?”
“Probably not, I see your point.”
“Does he treat you well? Is he a good man?”
You look over and smile at Leo who has his eyebrow raised, wanting the answer to the that question. You reach over and push his bangs off his forehead. He grabs your hand and kisses it, mischief beginning to play in his eyes.
You laugh, “Yes mom. He’s a great guy, and he treats me like a princess. We have a lot to still learn about each other but figure we have years to do so.”
“Very true. You’ll come visit? I'm not sure I can handle my baby being gone forever but we knew that’s where he was. I love you, call again soon?”
“Will do mom. We’ll Skype next time so you can meet him.”
“That would be wonderful! Bye honey.”
You look over at a bemused Leo,
“So. My parents knew and never said anything to me. I wonder how many others are running around out there like me?”
He moves the phone out of your lap and crawls over in front of you. He starts kissing your jaw line; punctuating his words.
“I .. don’t … care .. about… others.. I .. have .. you.”
“Truer words were never spoken,” you say as you pull his lips up to yours and take the bottom one inbetween your teeth.
You hear a little growl and he takes over.
alot of guys growl...I want to hear this growl...
Ahhhhh one can dream and it seems those dreams are real here!! Love the story.....keep going!!!!
@drummergirl691 Why do I get that feeling too! I guess I'm just craving to find out more. It draws me in and makes me just want more!
Why do these chapters feel so short! 😣
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