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FAIRY TAIL Gale (HUUUUUUUUGE SPOILERS) prepare for heart to be destroyed in more pieces then you can count
Just a reminder.
F*CK DAMMIT CH*NGADA MADRE OH MY F*CKING GOSH *throws phone* *kicks wall* *breaks wall* *rolls into a ball* *whispers* f************ck whyyyyy whyyyyy *Screams* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaths heavily* *whispers* self control self control *inhale* *exhale* whoooooooo heeeeeeeeeee whoooooooo *silence* *talks normally* I did not see that coming. *stands up from the cold floor* *walks out of the room* Now I shall have strawberry cake for depression
My apologies for my rudeness and immature words. But F*CK DAMMIT THAT WAS SHOCKING! Gale was one of my FAVORITE ships, now.... it's.... over. I STILL HAVE HOPE HE HAS TO RETURN! R-Right? *sobs* right? Nah, just kidding I have hope, I won't give up! If Mavis is still alive THEN SO IS GAJEEL. HE WILL RETURN FROM THE DEEP PARTS OF HELL AND MARRY LEVY! (I hope) We shall see in the next chapter. Now if you excuse me I shall go eat cake. Good day.
U reacted much better than I did for sure. I really do hope Gajeel comes back. He just has to. I mean wasn't there talk about the offspring of Fairy Tailer's having their own series? It can't be just this. That's like in Naruto when they killed off Neji. The worse feeling ever. NO! JUST NO! I WON'T ACCEPT THIS ABOMINATION! GALE HAS TO CONTINUE! 馃槻馃槫馃槶馃槩
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I'm pretty sure you response to that was the correct one, @Mikazuki1...馃槀馃槄馃槰馃槺馃槶馃槩馃槹馃槚馃樀馃槶馃馃槻馃樀
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I am sure of it ^^
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There's no way Hiro would kill of Gajeel.. He'll be back for sure!!!
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