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Social media queen, business owner, and mother of two, Kim Kardashian doesn't care what you guys think about her nude selfies.

((I'm not a fan of the fam or the fact that they really didn't do anything to earn their ridiculous fame, but that's an argument for another day.))

She was confused by the huge response the above selfie garnered from netizens...

"I truly was baffled that people still cared.

Some people were outraged because I am a mom, some people were so supportive. I just think it looks good, I am really not trying to cause a reaction...They have seen me naked 500 times! My personality has never been, ‘I’m such a feminist and follow me and be naked."

I've thought about this a lot, and came up with some arguments for both sides.

Pro-Nude: Women should celebrate their bodies, and by telling them to put them away we're telling women to be ashamed of their bodies. Society might say that showing too much skin is seductive and you're asking for trouble, but why does society have to react that way to the female body? Can't women proudly show their bodies without having men feel so turned on that they might physically harm us? Nudity celebrates the incredible forms we were born with.
Anti-Nudity: A female body is sacred and should be kept like a secret. It is something that should be protected and saved only for people who will truly appreciate it. Sharing nude pictures so publicly is disrespecting yourself. Nudity should be kept private as a sign of respect to yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

So, what are your thoughts on nude photos?

Are there only certain occasions when its acceptable?

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yes it does. it very well affects me. it offended me because I almost always see her trashy, naked, half plastic hoe self all over my Facebook in my news feed that shouldn't be there, and in side bars of my computer through paid advertisements. She supports fur coats and animal abuse, she supports child slavery(because the things she buys comes from child slavery) and the whole nine yards not to mention she eats meat. those childrens bodies are not hers! those animals bodies are not hers! do yourself some research first on that lovely little hoe you support before talking about bodily rights that she doesn't even support herself.
people like her and who support her blindly/non blindly are low lives.
I was being sarcastic. you're argument is ridiculous. mine is fact, while yours is opinion.
Oh I'm glad to know you were being sarcastic. for a second there I thought you were actually that stupid
i think she's just fat, i'm sorry?