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I think some of what is being filmed will be aired at a later date. All we get to see is about 45 min twice a day and most of it is for voting.
@sarahdarwish they changed the rules on Jungkook. He wasn't going to be on the dirt road. They said the one with the least votes goes on the dirt road. That one guy got mad saying oh well it's not far cause Jungkook had all his fans that are going to vote for him.
Just watching it now. Thank you for mentioning to watch it on Vapp becuase mine wont alert me :) but I'm so confused now. The most votes is the dirt team? Obvi its JJk now but what happened?
I just want him to apologize and I don't see it...? even though JJk said he was in a lot of pain :/
I'm afraid to see how it might ends...
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