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Have you ever felt like one of the ones who DO know?

This post reminded me of this: "I’ve seen ghosts and I’ve seen souls, they look the same. One is dead, the other is alive, so how are they the same? They’re from the same people. I’ve seen you kiss me like a soul and walk out like a ghost. I’ve seen you autopilot our yesterdays like it never happened and walk past my face like I was a broken mirror with a shattered reflection, I’m sorry that our kisses felt like punches and our love was moldy and dying. I’m sorry you slipped on the floors made from our tears and drowned in a puddle of our fears. I’m sorry, but I love you even if you’ve left. I’m here and I’ll be here no matter what. I’m sorry if you’ve changed, I have not. You may not have had real love for me, but my love for you was as solid as titanium. You were my rock, you were my steel, you were unmeltable, but you left me too. I’m sorry, but this is the last apology you’ll get. I love you and you’ll just be a memory that I’ll let go of."
I have not felt like this, since I have tried to keep what is best and let go or push away what is not good for me. So I'm lucky this has not happen!?
I thought that I can make some friends on here but I was worng sorry
I guess not this app wack
hello is anyone there to talk about your day in the open space?
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