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So my sister just got out of a six-year relationship with a guy that she first met on OKCupid. Once upon a time (while they were still together), it inspired me to make my very own OKCupid account to see if I could find someone long-term too.
Bros, it felt like I was on eBay, but if everything was no longer in mint condition, the shipping details were totally ambiguous, and what determined whether or not you won the 'auction' had a lot less to do with how late you place your bid and a lot more to do with how well you've angled your profile picture.

Who else has tried online dating? Was it helpful for you (like my sister!), or was it just a waste of time (like me!)?

its a gamble and theres definitely some assholes and bitches on online dating sites just like in real life but in the end I met someone online and we have been together for 4 years and going pretty strong
@StarRainTearBow is this.. uh...French kissing a woodchopper.. really possible??
I'm of no help here... I'd rather french kiss a woodchipper than let automated inverse collision avoidance system figure who's going to be disappointed next... Life does that for free w/o the additional mockery of Hope.
@danidee nope...strip club!! "we found love in a hopeless place" The strippers were lame but the music was awesome so we built our own vibes. I was there with friends and he came there with friends and we danced with each other all night. While they were walking us girls home, we discovered that we we're attending to the same university... thus it began
@danidee hahaa... you'd think... guess again
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