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Halfway point impressions: Koutesujou no Kabaneri

So one other anime I am watching this season is Koutesujou no Kabaneri or Kabaneri of Iron fortress. Spoilers, you've been warned. So far, I am enjoying the series for what it is. Episode 1 and 2 (stopping a virus infection by strapping a collar around your neck until you pass out?) stretched my reasoning a bit but I rolled with it and kept watching. I am so glad I did.
This girl is up for badass of the year in my book. Mumei is friggin epic. I really hope she doesn't suffer from the token heroine syndrome that a lot of series end up doing. Episode 8 just left me with stars in ny eyes with the sheer badassery that went down. People riding Steam powered motorcycles wielding steam powered guns killing metal zombies. That is friggin awesome! I can't wait to finish this series. I am praying to the anime gods they don't drop the ball on this.
@assasingod @AdrianDean yes! i am enjoying her badassery and hope they keep her as a badass. Ikuma is fine as a hero and I am not sure how I feel about her brother but Mumei holds a place I am glad she has in the series.
@AhalloweenGirl Mumei is the glue holding everything together! I don't really care for her brother since every show needs that one asshole lol I'm glad Ikuma actually uses his brain!
mumei is bae, but i hate her brother....im with the main character on this one....
Mumei is freaking badass!!!!!!♡
@AhalloweenGirl I don't think so either. I just hope they don't make us wait forever for the second season to come out!
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