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A Well Deserved Throwback: SHINEE
What's up guys, John here. I was listening to my playlist on my phone and SHINee came up and I don't know why but I just thought all the way back when SHINEE debuted. They all looked adorable and squishy but the talent was always there. I wanted to take a more in depth look into their debut song "Replay".
May 22, 2008- The group's first mini album, Replay was released from SM Entertainment. The mini-album reached #10 on the Korean music charts and peaked at #8, selling 17,957 copies in the first half of 2008.
They made their debut on May 25th on SBS Inkigayo with thier single Replay. The lead single, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)", turned into a hit, especially with the adult female demographic because of its line about "Nuna (older sister), you’re so pretty".
Best Shinee song ever! 💕
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I feel so happy watching the live performance. And seeing how far they have come makes me really proud to be a shawol <3
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