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OMG JIN IS MY BIAS FROM BTS!!! (As well suga but I can't help myself 😏) Jin is just a beautiful princess that needs to be shown more often and he deserves it! (Mostly since what happened to him which still breaks my heart every time I hear it again ....) I want my boo to get a bit more noticed 😍💕💞💓💝💘💖💗 @FalseLove
Omg I'm so sorry but if you need a moment..... I understand, I barely survived when I was getting the pictures lol 😅 he's just .... OMFG he's so handsome!! Why does he have to kill me everyday! 😫😫
How can he be so handsome?! Why have God bless this child and let him be beautiful while I'm here looking like a potato 😭 God is so cruel and unfair
Well I hope you like it and here's a little picture for every Jin fan out there 😜 Now I've officially killed everyone, have a nice day/evening! 😁