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okay so I'm usually very nice and a understanding person, but seriously... F that guy and the stupid flower crew! I wish they could read this and see how upset fans are over this! the only reason they got views is because of Army!
Okay guys for those of you wondering this is how it all started! our sweet baby got these burgers he was so proud of, he even mentioned how big they were and that they had cheese =( the mc then tells him that they are looking like ( garbage) or old and told him he is weird... even if they are comedy guys... you can obviously see he is hurt.
If this doesn't want to punch some one I dont know what will... the voting for two leaders was to be disputed by the V app.. whoever got more votes would be leader and here in the video we see young kookie telling us not to vote for him...
thank you armys for always making things better ! ps. see all those hearts in the v app? I'm sure 90% is army hearts
apparently he responded but I really don't care because it's done now, everyone saw and everyone knows so what does it matter now... His response : Fellow cast member Seo Jang Hoon, who also received criticism for his rudeness toward the other members, commented, "Jungkook was the only one whom I have worked with before so I acted comfortably around him, but that created misunderstandings among fans."
@JordanShuler yeah I think same, that is an excuse because if he felt comfortable he would have gone along with it
This makes me so upset, Kookie looks so sad. I really don't believe that dudes excuse. Poor Kookie, he literally looked like he wanted to cry! I nearly cried seeing him about to cry😢
@BabydollBre yeah I don't believe that guys excuse, if it was true then jung would not have felt badly then. I wish he would just apologize. kookie was so excited to go to this show and it's his first time alone too
@bangtanella after that happen he did not want fans to win so that he would not be leader. he felt bad.. so really it's all because of what had happened
wait...i understand the burger thing (which was really stupid. like he bought it for you, so like eat it), but I'm confused about the voting. why did he beg for us not to vote. I watched the second epsiode and I knew we couldn't vote or jungkookie would get the bad team, but is there another incident other then that one?
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