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2016 Paeksang Art Awards Dress Review

This past Friday, the 2016 Paeksang Art Awards took place in Seoul. The ceremony is equivalent to America's Golden Globe Award dedicating the night to highlight the achievements of the brightest talents in Korean entertainment. If you're curious about the winner list you can refer to Dramabean's post (Drama Awards, Film Awards). I'll be reviewing the red carpet dresses.
For those of you follow K-entertainment award ceremony you know that the vibe is really different from the US. Almost all celebrities play it safe with fashion.

Bae Suzy

The nation's advertising model and aspiring actress is seen wearing a black spaghetti strap gown. Choice of color is classy but nothing special about the dress. It could almost pass a maxi dress for the beach.

Go Ah Sung

You might remember her from "God of Study" where she star alongside Yoo Seung Ho an T-Ara's Jiyeon. She choose to walk down the red carpet with a black lace dress with a slight high low detail hitting right above the knee. The dress looks understated for a red carpet event but it's not bad.

Han Hyo Joo

Her most recent film, "Beauty Inside" is something you should watch if you haven't. It's a refreshing take on romantic comedy. Her choice of dress for the night is flattering for figure but the color definitely made her look washed out.

Park So Dam

The flower detail on gown is beautiful and the overall design is modest. It's probably one of my favorite dress from the red carpet. Although, I would like it even more if it was an A-line dress.

Eom Ji-won

It's classic halter dress! The flare out chiffon on the bottom makes it extra sophisticated an the glittery detail on the dress is perfect for the red carpet.

Jang Young-nam

This actress mainly play the role of moms in Korean drama and she's lovely. The all over floral detail lace in blush pink looks is elegant and she looks so youthful!

Kim So Hyun

Another one of my favorite of the night. Finally, a different dress structure from the crowd. She's seen wearing a two piece dress. Embellish crop top and high waisted flowy skirt. Also, those sparkly pumps are gorgeous!

Song Hye Kyo

The bae of the night. If you saw pictures of the Song-Song pair you might mistaken this event is their wedding ceremony. Partially, because of Song Hye Kyo's strapless white gown.

Lee Sung Kyung

I just finished watching Cheese and the Trap and her character in the drama is the most annoying I've ever seen. Which means she did a great job portraying that role! I'm also surprising how elegant (and calm) she looks in this gown.

Park Sun Ha

As usual, her choice of dress is on the pastel pink/ivory side. I think a lot of female celebrity wants to go for the innocent and pure look. It looks lovely but nothing more.
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