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Jungkook had the opportunity of appearing on his variety show alone without the rest of his member in BTS. He was mistreated throughout the whole episode. The older participants on the show were say rude comments and ignoring Jungkook from the time the show began til it ended. How can you be mean this face in general. He was so excited for participating in the show, but others weren't so happy about an idol being on the show.They accused him of owning the show, bring leftover cheese burgers to the crew, and stealing all the hearts for being an idol in the voting part.
He is so uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable to watch him like this. I'm so angry at the older adults in the crew and that Jungkook had the worst first experience being on a variety show.
Here is whole article on the Jungkook being mistreated. It makes me cry for him
this is disrespectful kookie doesn't deserve to be disrespected by the two their just jealous that kookie was gonna win cuz of army but that shouldn't matter it hurts me seeing kookie being uncomfortable I don't know what else to say Im try to hold back for not trying to be disrespectful but this just got me super mad at both of them
First experience alone.....he and BTS had their first experience on Running Man. I'm glad Running Man was first, because it looked like he had a lot of fun there. Yesterday's show was cringe worthy, and I felt bad for both Kookie and MinSeok. Today's was better....but a lot of people still voted for Kookie. I'm not sure people understood that you didn't want to vote Kookie, as now he's in charge of the Dirt Road.
the one that was on today day 2 Pt 1 was alot better