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WARNING: Adult Situations
When the driver drops of you and Kyungil; you lean over and give Jak a hug goodnight.
“Does she really live here anymore? I’m not complaining, that means I get to stay more often but like Ji, I don’t like the idea of you here alone.”
“There have only been one or two occasions that I’ve been alone here, it hasn’t been so bad. Plus I can take care of myself, remember?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“Don’t believe me? Shall we test it out? Come on big guy,” you start prancing around him, play jabbing at him.
“Ow. Stop that, come here.” He grabs for you but you dodge out of the way.
You raise an eyebrow at him, “Ow? Are you becoming a marshmellow? Can’t even catch me?”
You giggle as he lets out his tale tell growl and then back out of his grasp as he reaches for you.
“Tsk tsk… slow reflexes…you should work on that.”
He hasn’t moved his feet yet, now he takes a step towards you.
“You really want to play?”
You plant your feet, “I really want to play. Come at me big boy.”
He takes his jacket and tie off, tossing them on the couch. You take off your heels and he looks at your froo-froo dress.
“Really? In that?”
You reach behind and unzip, tossing the dress over to meet his jacket. You grab a tank top to help keep the girls covered since you doubt that your strapless is made for wrestling. You already have your typical shorts on. He snickers at the tank top.
“What? They would be a severe disadvantage.”
“For you or for me? I think it would be more for me but your rules.”
He has a point but the object right now is to prove your point, not win by playing on his weakness.
“Maybe later,” you say as you smile coyly at him.
He throws his head back with a groan, “Why me?”
You saunter over to him and tap him on the chest, “Because you fell in love with me.”
He grabs for you as he replies, “True that”.
Before he can grab you in an embrace, you bend sideways and sweep his leg from him.
He hits the floor with a thud. “OW! What the hell?!?!”
You land on top of him, pinning his arms above his head.
“Woman you said you wanted to wrestle, not play kinky. However, I’m really complaining at the moment.”
You roll your eyes, “Only you would think landing on your ass is kinky.”
“No, landing on my ass was PAINFUL. You landing on top of me however, now that could be kinky.”
He lifts his head and gives you a peck on the lips.
“Ugh! So not the point!” You head butt him and he falls back again.
“Woman, is it your intention to cripple me?”
“You aren’t even trying,” you pout at him. “How can I prove myself to you if you won’t even let me?”
In two seconds flat he has positions reversed and your hands pinned above your head with only one hand.
“Is this what you wanted? Sorry love, if I’m going to rough you up, it isn’t going to be from wrestling.”
His hand starts making inroads and tickling mercilessly.
“Say it. 'Gil, you’re right, I’m not as strong as a man'.”
He continues to tickle you until you give. “FINE!”
He releases your arms and lowers himself on top of you. His lips take over where his hands were just imparting torture.
“I prefer torturing you this way,” he lifts his head to look you in the eyes.
“My job is to protect you, not leave you to fend for yourself.”
He lips come down in a tender kiss, sealing his promise of protection.
“We should really talk about maybe moving in together. If Jak’s not going to be here, she should sell this place. We could get a place with a bedroom and she could stay with us if Ji isn’t in town.”
You go absolutely still. “Seriously? You would do that?”
“She isn’t just your friend. But yes, plus I’d get to see you more, a LOT more.”
“But how would the guys be with that? Don’t you need to stay with them at the dorm since you’re the leader?”
“They know how to reach me. Plus, it isn’t like they’re children. They are supposed to be men in their twenties… when they act like it.”
“It’s the when they don’t act like it that has me worried.”
He laughs and nods, “Yeah. I haven’t brought it up with them, but I’m pretty sure they’re thinking it’s coming. When I am home they give me a bad time, when I’m not, I get a worse one,” he simply shrugs.
“We need to talk to Jak first; I’m not going to kick her out of her place if she isn’t moving in with Ji. A bigger place would be nice though, would give us a little privacy….”
“Privacy? What on earth would WE need privacy for?”
“Hmm… let me just show you.”
omg dies of the feels. he is seriously making his way to my bias list. even if this is just a fanfic.
oooohhhh Kyungil skow down there boy. not that im complaining.
Ooo, things are definitely progressing. I don't think Ji or Jak would mind much.