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"You look fine!" "Are you sure? I feel like something is out of place." I walked over to him and grabbed his tie and pulled him towards me and pressed my lips to his. "Trust me you look amazing. All the girls will be staring at you." He placed his hands on my waist. "Now you're too perfect for me." "No we are just perfect together. " I fixed his tie and placed my hands on his shoulders. "Tonight will be perfect and you will do amazing." "Why can't you just come and be my date?" "Because you all agreed no dates." "I didn't pick that" "Hey its unfair to the others who don't have girlfriends or fiance ." "Most of us do and the others well they have girls they like they just are pansies." I leaned in a pressed my head to his forehead. "It's ok I'll be watching and waiting for you at home." "I want to celebrate with you right when it happens." "We aren't allowed to reveal we are dating be hard to explain don't you think?" "I don't like keeping you hidden." "It's ok. I really am used to it. one day we can tell the world but that may be later down the road." "Well how come the others got to reveal that they are dating but not me?" "I really don't know." "Well....please make sure you watch. I don't want you missing anything. I will be asking you questions when I get home. " He smirked "Ok." We heard a beep outside. "I guess you have to go. I'll see you later tonight. I love you." I quickly kissed his lips. "I love you too (y/n)" We kissed again and off he went to go to the award show. I went and turned the tv on for the red carpet part of the award show, then went back into the kitchen and finished cleaning. I finished with the dishes and went to check the tv and had the perfect timing. Bangtan was just getting out of the car. They all looked so amazing. They could be secret agents with how awesome they looked. They walked down the carpet and went to the backdrop to get pictures taken. They did an mini interview and went off. I then only had to an hour or so till it started. I went and made some food. Cleaned up after myself and went and sat in front of the tv. When I was half way through my dinner the show started. I couldn't wait for them to perform and hopefully get an award. Finally after an hour The boys performed. I was so happy and they did amazing. I couldn't contain how happy I was for them. They moved off stage and then a few more awards were given. Finally one of the polls they were apart of came up. I sat at the edge of the couch. "The winner is....BTS!" I screamed and jumped up off the couch jumping up and down. They walked up to the stage to accept there award. I calmed down enough to listen to there speech. "I wanna thank our Armys for there love and support and our manager and Pdnim for having faith in us and helping us get better as time goes on." Namjoon said. Then Hoseok took the mic. "I love you armys! And thank you for being apart of this journey. Also to some special ladies who have helped keep some of us down to earth. " He winked at the his girl has got to love that. Then Jin took the mic and everyone was a little shocked. "Can't forget to thank Suga and Rap monster and Jhope for coming up with some amazing lyrics." He paused and looked at the guys then back at the the Camera. "We all know that V, Jhope and Rap Monster are in serious relationships and I just thought I'd add a fun fact to that. I am also in a serious relationship and plan to stay happy with her forever. (y/n) I love you!" He blew some kisses to the camera and then gave the mic back to Namjoon. He smiled and laughed. "Yea surprise!" He said and then they quickly walked off the stage. I was still staring at the screen in shock. I quickly pulled out my phone and text him. Me: Jin!!!! what did you do that for?!?! We don't know how people will reacted to us! He didn't respond and as I sat there I realized that he probably didn't have his phone on him. I'm gonna have to wait until he gets back to talk to him. I down remember seeing the rest of the show. "(y/n) wake up." "nooooo" "I can't believe you fell asleep and I made sure to come straight home." I peeked out of one of my eyes. "You are mean." I sat up with my eyes still shut. He sat next to me and I laid my head on his shoulder. "What do you think about what I did." "Honestly I'm more worried about you then anything. How are the fans reacting?" I still hadn't opened my eyes. "As of now they are all very supportive..but if they weren't I'd be mad since I'm the oldest and if the others get support I should." I finally opened my eyes and looked up at him. "What did your manager say?" "Nothing really he figured we would have done it right when I debuted." He laughed. "Man its already been 2 years since you debuted. Time really does fly." "Yea and we have been dating what 3 years?" He kissed the top of my head. "Yea it's been the best part of my life. I'm so happy we are together." "Same here. Ok you are really tired as am I so let's go to bed and talk more in the morning." "Carry me?" "Sure princess." He said and moved me around and picked me up bridal style and took me to our room. I wonder how our life will play out now that we are out there as a couple. I hope we stay together forever.
So what do you think of the ending of this story? I'm rather happy the note I left it on....did you see what I did at the end?
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@SarahVanDorn I just can't get enough of your stories!! AMAZING!! :3
I loved this story and jin spilling their relationship on TV was hilarious to me. that was cute I loved it😍😍😍😍😍
@TaylorPriddy thanks πŸ˜†
I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for this!! I wish there was more 😭😭
*claps* this series has been rreally amazing, its so cute. I loved reading this !!!!!!!!
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