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With G-Dragon's risque cover spread on the latest issue of 'Vogue' becoming a hot issue, HaHa shared a hilarious picture that should have you laughing. On July 17th, HaHa tweeted, "Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke oh my, so funny~~^^" with the picture you see above. It turns out a Chinese fan had taken a snapshot of HaHa and Kim Jong Kook from an episode of 'Running Man' and edited it to look like a parody of G-Dragon's cover shoot for 'Vogue'! With their priceless expressions as HaHa gives Kim Jong Kook a back hug, netizens couldn't help but laugh, tweeting him back with responses like, "The Chinese fan is amazing", "So funny", and "HaHa's parody of G-Dragon is daebak."
could be twins.. hard to tell them apart. That's not such a good thing, I think.
oh wow, he looks so unbelievably androgenous... it's crazy. The girl and him could be sisters!
too funny. I love G-Dragon, but he needs to stay a man; otherwise, my fandom might stop.