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Visit the channel's homepage, now. http://www.vlive.tv/channels/F94BD/
So.... so far I have watched SeHun's broadcast (of course, absolutely would not miss it, even if the world was crumbling and it was still broadcasting) and watched ChanYeol. Sadly, I watched a little of SuHo before dozing off and completely missed Kai. There was so much I wanted to ask him, oh my god I can't believe I missed him.... Kai ='( I tried to do screen shots but for some unknown reason, I have a theory, I couldn't do it. My phone wouldn't do it. I have done screen shots of their V Lives before, so I don't understand why it was not doing it. Did anyone else watching, have this problem? I don't know... Waiting for Lay to come on. It is now 11:24 pm MST.... Man am I gonna have some dark circles and going to work tired as hell but it's Well worth it! (I'm so glad I bought the package) Yay, Yixing! I'm kinda glad D.O.'s broadcast isn't until 4 am, and then Chen & Xiumin. Then Baekhyun in the morning.
Hey it wouldn't let me down screenshots either Idk y I was allowed to but others could....I'll keep trying
@Matokokepa lucky mine kept saying for security reasons I was allowed to take any screenshots
@SarahVanDorn Me too, I'm gonna keep trying. My phone kept saying, no storage space is available. Which is weird because I have plenty, but I deleted a couple apps that I don't hardly use to see if that would help but it didn't. Good Luck! πŸ‘