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Heartbroken ladies and gents, listen up.

This is Leah Kirsch, creator and owner of the streetwear brand, Millioneiress, a little project she cooked up after a bad break up.

We just had a really bad falling out and I had so much time on my hands. I didnt know what to do with it, she tells Elite Daily.

So what did she do with her free time? Built a clothing brand, of course!

I have a lot to say, Kirsch recalls. Obviously, a lot of people are having similar questions and similar issues. So, why dont I step forward and be a role model for more than just this small little girl gang?

Since 2013, the business has grown from selling a shirt every few days to 300-or-so per month.

The brand has even caught the attention of publications like ELLE! After a bit of fundraising to get her brand in full gear, shell begin donating a portion of her profits to a female-empowerment organization like the Malala Fund or Planned Parenthood.

Her new motto? Never ending a sentence that is a statement with a question mark. I think thats really important.

Check out the website here!

Moral of the story?

Fill the hole in your life left by an ended relationship and fill it with your talents and passion. Youre more creative and valuable than youll ever come to realize, so take time to understand your strengths and send them out into the world.

Staying sad will only hurt you, and you have so much more to give!

That's really amazing. A heartbreak leads to a new adventure.
girl is letting no one slow her down. awesome job
she is brave.. great job 馃憤
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