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We don't really have a lot of foods that we can 100% claim as our own. The tacos, hamburgers, and pizza that are a part of our typical guilty pleasures can actually be traced back to many other countries.
However, peanut butter is uniquely North American.

And we love it. So much so that we combine it with pretty much anything we can think of - even if it seems a little gross.

Below I've compiled a list of pretty gross snacks created by people whose peanut butter mania has officially gotten the best of them. Would you try any of these?

Peanut butter and salami on white-wheat bread

Peanut butter with Cheetos on Italian roll

Peanut butter and beef frank on a poppyseed hot dog bun

Peanut butter and bacon hamburger on potato bun

Peanut butter and kimchi on toasted white bread

Peanut butter and Nacho Cheese Doritos on white bread

Peanut butter and Nutella on sweet potato fries

Peanut butter and white cheddar on grilled egg bread

Peanut butter and sliced onion on buttered white bread

Peanut butter with pickles, mayo, and banana on wheat bread

So what do you guys think? Have you tried any of these? Would you? Or are some of them an automatic NOPE?

Let me know in the comments below!
For $20 I will eat them all. For an additional $20 I will try really hard not to throw up afterwards
馃樂 No. but the most edible seems to be the sweet potato one. 馃槪馃槤
I would try 3 but the mayo and banana is a big fat NOPE!!
As a chef these offend me 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍鈽癸笍
I don't know about the sweet potatoes one, that seemed quite alright
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