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Disney's Little Mermaid Live Looks Amazing!
One of the perks of living in LA, is you're so close to the Hollywood Bowl. Unfortunately, I'm thousands of miles away from this little gem. Otherwise, I would not miss The Little Mermaid Live Action starring Sara Bareilles and Rebel Wilson.
After opening countless articles of the live musical I finally found a clear view of Sara Bareilles in this sparkly aqua-green strapless dress. Doesn't it look stunning? Here's a fun fact! I totally thought she dipped-dye her hair until I found the photo below.
The red highlight are in fact extensions customized by celebrity hairstylist, Robert Vetica. He was also the mastermind behind Rebel Wilson's Ursula hair.
And it's obviously a wig soaked in products to keep the hair up!
The black off-shoulder sequin dress looks gorgeous on Rebel Wilson.

She also nailed the performance playing Ursula. See it for yourself!

Also, here's a cover of Sara covering "Part of Your World."

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Sara Bareille's hair is gorgeous and Rebel Wilson looks great!
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