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I hope you are all enjoying this roller coaster ride <3.
“ You really aren't going to give me my phone back are you?” I asked with a small laugh throwing my head backwards into Mino's lap while he was playing with my hair. “ Not a chance, You can use the one I gave you so you aren't tempted to contact them.” He smirked down towards me making me laugh. “ Dork.” I smiled sticking my tongue out towards him. “ But I haven't said a word to Hanbin in over a month, and my birthday is in a few days this will be the first birthday I spend alone.” I sighed as tears threatened to escape from my eyes. Just as I felt his arms wrap around me pulling me closely. “ You won't be alone I already told the members I won't be practising that day.” He cooed slightly rocking us side to side trying to stop my thoughts. It had been a month an a half since Mino started coming over everyday on his way home from Yg sometime Jinhwan came with him. Mainly to ask if I was ever going to talk to them again, but also to see how I was doing somehow we had became close within this last month. Jinhwan was always calling or texting me about the littlest things which was odd, but strangely calming. Plus with Jinhwan being the only other person Mino would allow me to give this number to kept me from going insane. “ I already told you that you didn't have to do that.” I sighed laying my head backwards against his shoulder as my back was tightly pressed against his torso. “ And I already told you I was spending your birthday with you no matter what.” He laughed resting his chin lightly on my shoulder just as there was a loud knock at the door. “ Jinhwan wasn't coming today was he?” I quickly asked looking towards Mino worried as he shook his head heading towards the door. “ Y/n I know you are in there please open up!” I heard his voice yell from the other side of the door. “ Mino don't answer it!” I quickly ran to stop him while shoving him out of the way. “ I can handle this go hide okay?” I pleaded until he gave into my selfish request as I turned to stupidly open the door. “ Why haven't you been answering my calls do you hate me?” The boy on the other side of the door cried at the sight of me as he quickly tried to pull me into a hug. “ Hanbin I am sorry, but I don't want to talk to you right now.” I lied looking away from him as I spotted another person hiding in the shadows. “ I am sorry I didn't tell you about Bobby!” He quickly pleaded forcing me to look towards him as tears poured from his eyes. “ Please Hanbin.” Was all I could say without tears of my own exploding from my eyes. “ Okay Binnie are you happy you saw her, but it's time to leave before someone calls the cops.” Bobby said coming into view making my heart crumble at the sight of him looking so defeated. “ Since I am sure you won't want to see us on our birthday here.” Bobby smiled a smile that looked so out of place on his face while throwing a small wrapped box towards me. “ Happy birthday.” He sighed while dragging Hanbin away just as Jinhwan appeared at their side sending me apologetic looks. “ I am so sorry.” I choked back tears just as two arms wrapped around me from behind pulling me into him. “ It's okay go ahead and cry all you want honey.” Was all he said, and it felt like the damn I had built was suddenly washed away as tears poured from my eyes as he silently held me. Bobby's Pov “ Hey Jinhwan watch over Hanbin for a minute I am going to run to the store real quick.” I lied running back the way we came not caring if they believed me or not. I needed to get things right between them again Hanbin has become so depressed all he ever did was write song and practice. He hardly talked to us anymore except for the occasional mumble about how badly he messed up. Rounding the corner I barely heard her whisper “ I am so sorry.” as I started to rush into view just before freezing at the sight before me. “ That can't be?” I said to myself as I tried to get a better look at who's arms were now rightly wrapped around Y/n then I heard him speak. “ It's okay go ahead and cry all you want honey.” Leaving me even more confused why was he calling her honey so easily. Had she been cheating on Hanbin all this time, but tge girl I used to know would never even think of doing that . That was when I heard her sobbing violently as I stood there unable to move. “ Mino I can't face either of them I feel like I am hurting them just by existing.” She cried as her knees started to buckle, but he easily caught her keeping her standing. “ This is exactly why I said you shouldn't see them.” He sighed hugging her tightly trying to calm her hysterical cries. Wait how exactly does she know Mino, and he was the one who told her to keep away? Nothing was making sense anymore as I could only stand there watching as the only girl I ever loved was being held by yet another man as she cried because of me. “ I knew you would be here.” Jinhwan sighed walking towards my side looking towards the scene I couldn't look away from. “ If she was going to cry so much she shouldn't of answer the door that idiot.” He sighed looking towards me, but something about his words struck me as odd. “ You talk as if you know her.” I laughed humourlessly while not even sparing him a glance knowing that wasn't the case. “ That's pretty funny.” He laughed nervously as my eye's quickly shot towards him as they widened. “ Wait have you been talking to her?” I asked unable to believe what I was hearing. “ Well you know that day after the fight when I disappeared?” He sighed not able to keep it a secret any longer as I only listened. “ Well I came here to yell at her to at least answer her phone, and well one thing led to another and before I knew it we became friends.” He sighed unable to look towards me, but I knew he was still keeping things from me. Not wanting to pry anymore than I already had I decided to trust him and his reasons as I looked back to where Y/n was crying. “ We can't tell Hanbin about this.” I finally said looking towards him with the best smile I could muster at the moment. He weakly smiled towards me as he put his arm around my shoulder. “ Let's head back to the dorm before Hanbin decides to find us.” Jinhwan smiled trying to lift my spirits without revealing anything else he might know. Y/n Pov “ Y/n just pick a restaurant I am getting hungry.” Mino whined as we were aimlessly wandering around the city while debating what to eat. “ Don't rush the birthday girl.” I laughed bumping into him while playfully sticking my tongue out towards him. “ It may be your birthday, but that doesn't mean I won't fight you dork.” He laughed lightly bumping into me as we playfully started pushing each other as food slipped our minds once again. Hanbin's Pov “ It's been forever since we got to celebrate your birthday so we have to make sure it's special.” I smiled towards Bobby as we all made our way down the busy street. “ I told you guys I didn't want to do anything special today.” He sighed shaking his head as Jinhwan smiled while smacking his arm. “ Ya! It's your birthday of course we are going to celebrate.” He smiled before looking across the street as we were trying to find somewhere special to eat. If I hadn't been looking towards him I would of completely missed the way his eyes grew wide from shock, but quickly went back to normal as he composed himself. Looking across the street I noticed a girl with her arm linked in a taller guy's arm as I looked back towards Jinhwan. “ Old girlfriend?” I asked with a laugh as I slightly nudged him getting bobby's attention. “ What are you talking about?” He asked looking across the street as his eyes grew twice in size. Why did both of them react that way as I quickly looked back towards the couple across the street, but just then Bobby quickly pulled us into a store. “ If you guys really want to treat me to something to eat let's eat here.” He smiled that carefree smile of his as the couple quickly disappeared from my mind as we sat down. Y/n Pov “ Oppa I want to eat there!” I finally said pointing to one of my favourite restaurant's across the street. “ And the Princess finally makes up her mind after wandering around the entire city for hours!” Mino exclaimed as he threw his hands in the air being over dramatic with a laugh. He quickly took a hold of my hand leading us safely across the street into the cute little restaurant as we joked around the entire time. “ Hey Y/n I haven't see you and your boyfriend in a while I was beginning to worry about you two.” The owner smiled towards us as we entered heading to our usual seat. “ Well you know he is busy with work aunty.” I laughed as we both quickly bowed towards her. “ We missed you too aunty.” Mino quickly added with a smile as we sat down. “ So what's the special occasion for you two to come during the day this time.” She smiled not even bothering to ask what we wanted since it was always the same. “ Well it just happens to be Y/n's Birthday today.” Mino smiled as he face lit up while pointing towards another table across the room. “ Really it's that boy's birthday as well, Happy birthday my dear.” She smiled walking off to inform the kitchen of the order as our eyes went to the other table to find three pairs of eyes looking towards us full of shock. “ Shit.” I hissed under my breath as my eyes landed on Hanbin sitting there unmoving as I watched his heart break. “ Come on Y/n let's hurry and leave Aunty will understand.” Mino tried to say, but it was already to late. I broke his heart, the one thing I swore I would always protect was shattered by my own hands.
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