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Using Mouthwash As a Dandruff Solution?
I've heard crazy stories of what people use to treat dandruff (the small pieces of dead skin you find on your scalp). One of the most common practice is using mouthwash (Listerine) to clear dandruff.
Does it really work? How did mouthwash became a DIY remedy for dandruff? Since 1930s Listerine was actually marketed as an anti-dandruff product until 1950s. It's suppose to have anti-fungal properties (such as menthol and eucalyptol) that will can clear seborrheic dermatitis. But is this true?
This was never tried by myself but quite a few people claim this to be a good old treatment for itchy and flaky scalp. Read the reviews here. Although alcohol is listed as an inactive ingredient I still assume it's drying and shouldn't be used more than two times. Also, diluting it with water will make it less stingy.
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Yeah, absolutely!! The Original version, not the new flavored ones LOL - it *is* really strong but I needed extra-strength back then! Followed it up with a nighttime moisturizer and that was it!
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@Cle1 OMG so no diluting at all? That's intense but I'll keep it in mind the next time I'm struck with a zit! =D
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It's worth the sting to be zit-free!! 🙆
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@Cle1 haha that's true.
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apple cider vinegar for a few minutes before you shower works best
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