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For the past 5 years, my female roommates have all had the bra struggle.

Trying to be a supportive friend, I always had to reassure them that they're breasts don't look to big in that shirt or no, I can't tell you aren't wearing a bra.

These ladies tried to go a whole week without wearing a bra and I can hear my college roommates screaming NOOOOOOO.

I pretty much don't have anything there (A cups let me here you holler!) so for me, it doesn't make a big difference between wearing one and not wearing one.
I have certain dresses that make wearing a bra difficult so I just go without, no hesitation.

So, do you feel comfortable going bra-less? Guys, do you even notice when girls aren't wearing you even think about bras lol?!

i cant do without bra...the feel itself is so uncomfortable. its a must.. @NitinRao yes its true..about posture and its an add on in being sexy 馃構
it makes me really uncomfortable to go without bras, especially since my go to bra is the Bombshell by Victoria's Secret (which is a miracle worker in itself- adding 2 whole cup sizes so it looks like I actually have something there 馃槀馃槶) but if the outfit calls for it, I'll (grudgingly) go without
I go bra-less sometimes..depends on the outfit. I don't mind doing it. I find I can pull it off better during the summer bc of the warmer weather...girls you know what I mean 馃槷馃槈
I always wear a bra. It's not even a question for me. Everyone would most definately notice if I didn鈥檛 wear one because of my size.
I do!!!!!!
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