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For the past 5 years, my female roommates have all had the bra struggle.

Trying to be a supportive friend, I always had to reassure them that they're breasts don't look to big in that shirt or no, I can't tell you aren't wearing a bra.

These ladies tried to go a whole week without wearing a bra and I can hear my college roommates screaming NOOOOOOO.

I pretty much don't have anything there (A cups let me here you holler!) so for me, it doesn't make a big difference between wearing one and not wearing one.
I have certain dresses that make wearing a bra difficult so I just go without, no hesitation.

So, do you feel comfortable going bra-less? Guys, do you even notice when girls aren't wearing you even think about bras lol?!

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Uhm...I'll say it's a necessity for me-otherwise, there's just all kinds of WRONG going on in the shirt department, smh.馃槪馃榿
triple D's...them suckers MUST HAVE A BRA ON!!!! I only go bralass in the shower or sleeping....
I go without occasionally and it's usually in a baggy tee. triple Ds make it difficult to not jiggle or get in the way lol but its nice sometimes to go without
I'm a total full on C cup! But I love going bra-less! The freedom from a bra is so worth it!
Doesn't it make you feel uncomfortable, if in case there is wardrobe malfunction? It is though individual choice but as a thumb rule it is required to protect the girl's assets and cover them up from exposing. It is a feeling, a girl can associate with as its the inner body love and that is why Victoria's secret had introduce new types of bras to make a girl love her body more and protect it from exposing and provide care to it.