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I can't imagine talking about this stuff with my parents, especially hearing about THEIR experiences. No thanks.

Have you talked to your parents about sex...more than just that initial birds and bees talk? Would you ever?

I actually never had that talk with my mom. I've never had the initial birds and bees talk either. I only learned about sex from school except it was an intense class where we even had to take care of a fake baby and watch the miracle of birth and that was scarring enough for me to never have ti bring it up.
been there done that with the parents, my mom is nurse so she had no mercy
I can literally ask my mom anything! not that I've ever had a relationship, but I still ask her the most random questions. So really funny story: I was watching friends with benefits with her and there was a part in the beginning where the boy asked if he could "finger" her and my mom was like "what the heck is that?" So I explained and she was like "okay so you know more than me now?" She's adorable af
I'm on the other end of the discussion table, the parent. And as a parent, it wasn't awkward (at least for me) because sex is an adult activity and speaking to your kid like an adult should be the first step.
I have intentionally made the topic of sex a very casual one. My job is to keep a very open mind and dialogue so that I can provide my daughter with every bit of education and empowerment she needs to make safe and educated decisions. No topic, or detail, is off limits. She knows one thing...there is nothing she has done, will do, or that she has thought about doing...that I haven't done first,'s all copacetic!!
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