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I can't imagine talking about this stuff with my parents, especially hearing about THEIR experiences. No thanks.

Have you talked to your parents about sex...more than just that initial birds and bees talk? Would you ever?

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@Arellano1052 - I get it, completely...Vicka started taking in details about everything when she was only 6 &1/2. I was waiting for a heart transplant and she was very scientific about it. From then, we've been able to talk about anything and everything very factually and rationally. She's almost 17 now and there isn't anything she doesn't know. She's not only well-educated, but feels like she can have open conversations without fear of embarrassment or judgement. But it also goes beyond topics of sex/sexuality, as @Arellano1052 said...It also bridges to an open-mindedness when it comes to people, situations, cultures, adventures, etc, because she has a natural curiosity and learns much through observation. Plus, I can't afford the naivete of believing she will be celibate for her entire life. Shame on me if something happens to her because I didn't arm her with necessary information needed in her discernment processes when it comes to physical and emotional relationships. The only thing she doesn't have under her belt yet, which is MY rule before she moves to Germany for college, is mastering self-defense. That is a MUST!!
I have not and will not discuss that with my parents. They are extremely.....conservative I suppose you'd say. My mom would sometimes get flustered if she even saw me kiss my boyfriend and his mom walked in on us full on making out and she didn't even bat an eye lol馃槀馃槀馃槀 Yeah not a topic of discussion with my parents. If I have a question on anything, my mom will answer in the most medical way as a nurse but otherwise no.
I straight up told them the night of. They, including my dad were like, "That's my girl," xD
@JPBenedetto Awesome! You are awesome! I quite enjoy your responses and tend to always agree with them as well! Thank you for being you and for sharing that with us and the other people in your life! I believe there are three things everybody should know how to do and being able to adequately defend yourself is one of them. Preferably with a general knowledge in blades and sticks in addition to that mastery of your own weight, balance, strength and emotions that comes along with self defense. (I always found the escrima sticks the most fun, but I can't exactly carry around two 32" steel rods around with me all the time no matter how much I want to! So I always make sure to have one knife and/or my brass knuckles on my person and In my truck, I have a blunt object, usually a weighted tire thumper, and another blade ^.^) It's great that you're enforcing that! Especially so you both know that she's as prepared as she can be since she'll be so far away! A lot of people don't think that way! And Germany *insert heart eyes* Completely jealous of her haha -.-
Haha, @Arellano1052 - No, you're awesome!! You're just too much. :) Another thing in common...Our family has some experience in Hwa Rang Do, which concentrates on self preservation, self-control, steady/clear focus, melee weaponry, and pressure points. I'm really hoping we can find Vicka a class locally, or we'll have to find something similar for her. I pm'd you...