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Invisible boyfriend or girlfriend anyone?

Did you know that you could hire a service that will fill your phone with texts and voicemails from your "significant other?"
Most people use it to get their family off their backs, especially during the holiday season, when relatives ask "so when are you getting married?" or "are you seeing anyone?" and you need a little...


Singles Try Invisible Girlfriends!

Singles Try Invisible Boyfriends!

This all just makes me think of the movie Her, in which Theodore falls in love with his personal assistant, artificial intelligence device.

He's drawn way to far into this relationship and, although he has fun for a while, begins to feel empty when he realizes its all fake and simply technology.

Can you see the positives of this or do you think it will only lead to trouble?

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an invisible girlfriend? no way, I'd rather have a badass A.I who'll be my partner in crime. I mean it'd be fun to get some romantic texts every now and then but eventually reality will set in and it's gonna hurt. nah, I'd rather deal with normal girlfriends or stay single. it's not that bad being single anyway
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invisible partner is ok if you are the line ranger type...but I would prefer someone real
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Me personally I think it is very strange to have an invisible boyfriend/girlfriend I could never do that but whatever makes you happy I guess.
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Depends on what their wearing when we meet or if they are always hanging around naked all the time. 馃槻
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I would like to know about it more
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