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Do You Look Like Your Parents?

I definitely look like the perfect mix of my mom and dad, but some of my friends look nothing like their parents (be it because of adoption or just naturally looking slightly different)

Some people just accept it and are used to it, but often they have to go through really confusing and hurtful experiences.

Do you look like your parents? If you don't, have you had any negative experiences because of it?

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I would say I'm a combo of my parents; I swear though when I'm an old lady I'm gonna look like my grandma (dad's mom)!!! she has like 8 or some larger number of sisters and brothers and they all look alike; its the closest thing to being twins or triplets etc. without actually being twins and it is so great it transcends generations (⊙_⊙)
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I am told I look like my dad.
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I'm always told I look like my mom ur I'm not so sure. However, I am a spitting image of my older sister. People always think we are teins
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yup. both of them apparently because opinions differ among people
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I do!!! I look more like my dad!!
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