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With all this talk about SM's international Kpop school, it got me thinking about another school I wanted to attend...HOGWARTS.

Flying or Breaking Dance?

Modeling or Potions?

Vocal training or transfiguration?

Hang out with these people?

Or these?

The choice is yours!

(bonus: what house or company would you be in?)
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kpop school hands down. as for company either BigHit, YG, AOMG, GYM, or Illianaire.
This is this hardest decision in the entire world why would you do this?
I would honestly go to Hogwarts. cause like there drama, but not the people drama that we deal with everyday ya know. and I really really really like the scenery in Hogwarts lol.
K-Pop school most definitely.
@Starbell808 I love your thoughtful consideration and I definitely see the point in @ArmyofKookie's view.... So I'd probably pick.... Kpop school. Sorry, I've been wanting to be a singer since I was five... Gotta stay true to my heart. I still love Hogwarts though!!!!