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Amazing Anime Pancake Artist 😱

But they don't just only do Anime they also do Cartoons. Information about the restaurant down below.

Keisuke is his name and you can follow his Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel . If you want to see more .

And they have Vacuum Packed PancakeArt where you can hang on your walls.

Just some Questions and Answers for those who are wondering.

٩(ŏ﹏ŏ、)۶ They are so amazing I want to cry because Japan is so far away.

this is now a place to go to on my bucket list
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I want a Sebastian pancake, because we all know it will be one hell of a pancake
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okay I wanna happy,erza,Lucy,Virgo,sailor moon,minion,Aquarius, sawako and kazehaya , and the ohshc cast 😂
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I want kaneki and kurumi pancake !!!!huhuhu😭😭😭
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this is definitely one more reason to go to Japan
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