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Co-founder Mats Andersson on the Swedish label's fresh approach to pure denim. Mats Andersson, the co-founder of Indigofera says the Swedish denim label, which is embedded in the very roots of the country's jeans history, approaches denim in a different way. He explains that "the basic idea was not to do what everyone else is doing. From how you approach each piece, the fabric, how it's seen in the marketplace and—in doing so—stand out from the 'pants in denim' thing." Indigofera focuses on quality, rather than fads. "Good production values, amazing fabrics, not too fashion-led just pure jeans. Indigofera's not a brand that you have to doubt if you're cool enough to wear it." Indigofera is not a fashion brand making jeans from lightweight 11oz denim that falls apart after a few wears. To Andersson, and the rest of the team at Indigofera, that's not a real pair of jeans. It's a strong opinion, yet certainly not rare—it's shared by many of the raw denim and heritage workwear community.