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hey, otakus. Like and comment you two(2) most favorite anim茅. Mine are Deathnote and Naruto Also tag your friends. tags: @otakuDemon10 @otakufangirl @JayKumor @UzumakiJess
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hmm... probably Fairy Tail and Noragami, with Assassination Classroom super close
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I think my top 2 shows are Fairy Tail for number one and number two idk it might be Love Live! School Idol Project or Aikatsu or One Piece or probably Naruto Shippuden just because if the romance no offence and maybe almost certainly Sword Art Online so yeah!馃槉
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gurren lagann and danmachi
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@AichaBangoura seems you have a lot of favorites
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Eureka 7 and noragami no particular order
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