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How dare you say that about Jungkook!!!!

And you were making him feel sad and about to cry!!!!

You know what Taehyung is gonna kick your ass for making his bae cry and feel bad too!!!

Come here baby don't cry I kicked their ass already don't cry anymore

That is some f'd up crap, using him to make the show more popular and then being very rude to him. When he looked like he was about to cry, I wanted to fly to South Korea and kick their ass. It'll be okay, Kookie, you have many many fans backing you up! It actually wouldn't surprise me if Tae along with Jimin did go kick their ass!
If you watch the other videos after that, I heard that they already reflected what they did and apologized. Now they kept saying that they've gotten close with Jungkook and kept asking if he's having fun. I feel that if they know what they've done wrong, that's enough for me.
seriously i watched the program and i was hecka mad they were talking mean things like how they looked like leftovers n jungkook looked like he wanted to cry the whole time. and when they said his name n the cameras faced him he acted like he was trying to hide the fact that they hurt his feelings. poor jungkook i wanted to hug him and say those bastards don't deserve ur burgers n if they don't want them give them to fans that would appreciate your burgers.
They treated him badly! O mean the fact that the one guy used him for his FAM ad the other gfuy was just plain rude and jealous. No one deserves to be treated like that. Idol or not.
Lol yea @SarahVanDorn more damage from Taehyung and Namjoon while Jin would be cheering up his baby and trying not to slap the rude people who made his baby cry
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