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I'm only around episode 280 (Naruto and Bee are on their way to join the war), so I haven't seen too much of the tailed beasts, so, with that disclaimer, based on my limited knowledge, I'm going with the 8-tails. I love his kind of more serious, reserved attitude juxtaposed with Killer Bee's eccentricities, and the way they work together! I'm sure he was probably more angry and unstable before Bee learned to control him (though it seems to me that it came pretty naturally to him), but he seems really cool and wise, even taking the wheel sometimes in training to provide guidance to Naruto. Since I still have a lot to learn about the Bijuu, that's all I have for now!
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Yeah, that's why I read the manga XD
Glad to hear I didn't ruin your day. XD.. I could teach a college course on Naruto if I put forth the effort so it's nice to see others take interest in something I like..yay for Vingle
@SuperWolverBat haha yes! My brother's the one who usually spoils Naruto stuff for me; he sucks with spoilers!
@SuperWolverBat nah, I have no context for it to stick to yet, so my internal spoiler filler caught it😉
If I'm crazy then whatever but Kokuo is pretty cool.. maybe I just liked Han's character because he's one of the awesome jinchuriki that was pretty powerful....sorry if you consider that spoilers.