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Well helloooo my fellow vinglers I have now finished writing the Second Chapter of this Fanfic ;) Hope y'all enjoy it! :)


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk! Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language
Y/N POV I finally made it to Korea. Getting off the plane was exciting because I have now arrived to my new home. I did miss my parents and my best friend but I can't help the smile that crept up on my face upon arriving here. I got in line to get my suitcases so that I can quickly catch a cab to the place I will be staying. 'Can't wait to see the place I'll be staying at' I thought smiling Finally, I found all my suitcases and walked towards the cabs. Thank God their was one waiting already. "Welcome to Korea! Where will you be heading to Ms?" The cab driver asks me I took the paper out of my pocket with the info and responded "The Jellyfish Hotel please" I say raising an eyebrow Well that's a weird name for a hotel... We got into the cab heading to my new place. **** We arrived to my new place. I saw the building. It was huge I couldn't believe this is where I was going to be staying. I wondered how my apartment was going to look like since the building looked very nice. The cab driver got my stuff out and helped me take it inside. Finally reaching to the customer service desk, I asked the lady at the front if I can pick up the key to my new place. She smiled at me and asked me for some info first so she can look me up in the system and to check which room I was placed. After a few minutes of waiting, she found the information she needed and gave me the key. I thanked her and walked to my apartment. I asked the cab driver he didn't need to help me carry my things but he insisted so I just let it go. **** We finally made it to the door. I unlocked it and walked inside. I told the cab driver where to place the suitcases, gave him the money for the drive plus a tip and he left. This apartment was also very nice. Who would've thought that being a waitress would get you living in a place like this. It's so beautiful and comfortable. I walked to my room with the suitcases to start unpacking so that I could at least have some done today and not much tomorrow. Once I was done with half of the things, I went to shower and sleep since I would be starting work tomorrow. I made sure to place the paper with the information as to where the location is safe so I wouldn't lose it. Then I headed towards the restroom to shower. Once done, I wrapped the towel around myself and went to grab my Pajama pants and shirt, then off to bed. Tomorrow will be another day. Hope I don't screw up the first day of work. ****
*THE NEXT DAY* It was 7 o clock in the morning when my alarm woke me up. I got up, showered, got dressed and headed to the kitchen to eat some breakfast before heading off to work. I finished eating so I went back to my room and brushed my teeth. Then I did my hair and I was good to go. I wasn't much of a fan of makeup unless I had to. Hopefully, we don't need to for this job. I got my bag, grabbed the paper with the information of where the restaurant was, locked the door and headed out to work. Thank God for GPS or I would've been lost. I was about to grab a cab but my GPS said I was only 10 minutes away so I decided to walk instead. Everything here was so awesome and beautiful. I knew then, that I made the right choice in moving. Of course I still need to call my parents and best friend to let them know I got here safe. Ill do it after work. I finally arrived at the restaurant. I was so excited but nervous. I walked inside and went up to the lady at the front desk. "Hi, my name is Y/N and I am new here. I start my first day working here, Would you help me find the manager please?" I say to the lady "Of course! All you need to do is walk straight and once you hit the men's restroom turn left and straight ahead is his office" She replied smiling I could see she was shocked by my Korean speaking. All I did was smile back and thanked her. As I was walking to the managers office, I couldn't help but look around checking the place out. It was very nice and clean. Their we're many pictures and posters of idols on the wall. I recognized some as GOT7 and Bangtan. They we're 2 of my favorite groups. It would be awesome to one day bump into them. I know I would probably embarrass myself but lord those guys are good looking. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going because "Ooof!" I end up crashing into someone, almost falling but thankfully the person caught me before I did. I opened my eyes to see that I was now looking at someone's chest while their hands we're on both sides of my shoulders. "Oh my God, I-I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, I'm so sorry" I say as I looked up at the persons face. Oh my God....He. Is. So. Handsome. My cheeks started to get red from embarrassment. He let go of me looking at me intensively. "Its okay, it happens" He replied with a smile I wanted to die at this moment. That look he was giving me was killing me slowly. 'Well I didn't bump into an idol but I sure bumped into someone good looking..that counts, I guess.' I thought to myself "Okay, well um, I-I need to get going. Sorry again for bumping into you, gotta go bye" I say as I made my way past him only to get my arm pulled I started to feel some type of feeling in my stomach when he touched me. What is this? What is this I'm feeling right now? "Are you new here? I've never seen you before." He says still holding onto my arm "Y-yes, I am new here. I just moved here yesterday from California to come work here" I say trying not to faint at his touch "Ah I see, well welcome to Korea, hope you enjoy your stay" He says smiling "Um thank you, Ill see how it goes" I reply back with a smile "By the way, my name is Ravi. I work here as a cook" He says still holding onto my arm I don't think he realizes that. "Ah nice to meet you Ravi, my name is Y/N and I'll be working as a waiter here" I respond back "Nice to meet you too Y/N. Looks like I'll be seeing you around more often then. Your on your way to see the manager right?" "Yeah, I am. He's probably waiting for me right now" I respond "Well good luck and see you around then...newbie" He says jokingly "Ahahahaha, yeah see you around too Ravi" I say trying my hardest not to freak out. I was about to turn around and walk to the managers office but I realized, he still had a grip on me. "Ummm, Hey uh, Ravi?" I say "Yeah?" He responds still smiling "I, Uh, sorta need my arm back now" I say to him "O-oh yeah, sorry about that hahaha" He says as he lets go of my arm and rubs the back of his neck "It's okay, it happens" I say giving him a smile Then I turned around heading to the office. "I see what you did their! Repeating my words eh?!?! Yah!!!!" He yells out I turned around to look at him while walking backwards and laughed He then pointed with 2 fingers at me giving me the 'I'm gonna keep my eye's on you' type of way and started walking the opposite way. After he disappeared around the corner, I walked inside the managers office. This is going to be a very interesting day at work.

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