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i'm wondering if anyone besides me has had this problem.
i'm sitting in a starbucks currently sipping my green tea frap (which is pretty unhealthy but i think i deserve a treat every now and then), i'm jamming out to some seventeen (pretty u to be exact) and looking through the soompi website because why not. and as i write this, i'm getting some weird stares about what i'm looking at (and i swear it's not weird i'm just looking at articles).
this isn't the first time something like this has happened. i get weird stares for what i like. it kind of annoys me to think that people think me liking another country's entertainment industry better than the industry we have here in america, is weird.
and if i'm being brutally honest, i think the entertainment industry we have here in america is awful. maybe that's just me.
like, if you don't like what i'm looking at or watching then leave me alone not give me weird stares and make me feel embarrassed about liking something that makes me happy.
why does it matter to you what i'm writing or looking at ? it doesn't.
what also sucks is that i'm slowly watching my computer battery decrease..
very slowly but i can see the decrease.
that was my little rant sorry. my question for fellow vinglers and kpop fans is have you ever gotten looked at weirdly because you like something? tell your story in the comments !
oh ! and also, i think people can already tell i'm kind of back on vingle. so i'm back from my hiatus :) i lost all of my lockscreens including the ones i had ready for the next post so i may not do lockscreens for some time. sorry about that. but i'm back on vingle again ! so yaaaay
I agree with you... Aside from a select few [Backstreet Boys, Adam Lambert, Godsmack, 3 Doors Down, Queen etc] I hate American music...
I always try to check out things that interest my teen daughter. Needless to say I now love Kpop (and anime). You think you get stares? Try being over 50 blasting GOT7 and pulling up to a RaceTrac. Haha. Makes me laugh and want to crank it even louder ;-)
wahhh all of your stories are so wow , I'm not sure if sad or good nah kind of sad mostly since it involves being judged cuz of kpop ๐Ÿ˜ข well that made me want to share my story so it actually kinda just is how my friend is but recently I feel like she just doesn't even care when I share stories about my fandoms and kpop like for example yesterday she started sending non stop screenshots of her bands omg mostly josh from twenty one pilots and at first I actually enjoyed it cus the screenshots were hilarious and josh was ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ˜‚ but it just annoys me how she does it non stop and when I comment on the screenshots she doesn't even reply back instead she keeps sending more and more pictures and I'm like ok I'm trying to just accept your guys and comment on it but u aren't even letting me ughhh so then I thought well I think it's my turn so just as I'm about to say anything or even send pics of anything she's already typing again and sending more pics so I'm like wtf ๐Ÿ˜‘ and then finally I just write a long paragraph about how kookie was mistreated and explaining what happened and like this time she actually commented on it and said things like "gosh, that's sad" "poor kookie" "and that man really was rude" and I felt happy that she actually for listened to my story
Ugh, I know exactly what you're going through. I hate when people try to tell me what I can Like or what I can do. I have a friend who is a Kpop fan and we were talking about Kpop one day and her mom walks up to us and asks "What are you talking about?" (Which by the way was none of her business.) my friend told her we were talking about Kpop and She said "YUCK!" And then to make her mad we started talking about Korean boys we thought were cute. And I saw her rolling her eyes at us. I told my friend I was learning to speak Korean, so one day, I walk in and my friend says "How's it going with learning Korean?" And her nosy mother cuts in again and says "What?" And my friend told her "Erin's learning to speak Korean." And then her mom says "Yuck!" While Rolling her eyes.
@sleepingyoongi and yet my friend gives me weird stares of how I listen to kpop or anything other than American music, plus I used to love pop music before it became trash
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