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i'm wondering if anyone besides me has had this problem.
i'm sitting in a starbucks currently sipping my green tea frap (which is pretty unhealthy but i think i deserve a treat every now and then), i'm jamming out to some seventeen (pretty u to be exact) and looking through the soompi website because why not. and as i write this, i'm getting some weird stares about what i'm looking at (and i swear it's not weird i'm just looking at articles).
this isn't the first time something like this has happened. i get weird stares for what i like. it kind of annoys me to think that people think me liking another country's entertainment industry better than the industry we have here in america, is weird.
and if i'm being brutally honest, i think the entertainment industry we have here in america is awful. maybe that's just me.
like, if you don't like what i'm looking at or watching then leave me alone not give me weird stares and make me feel embarrassed about liking something that makes me happy.
why does it matter to you what i'm writing or looking at ? it doesn't.
what also sucks is that i'm slowly watching my computer battery decrease..
very slowly but i can see the decrease.
that was my little rant sorry. my question for fellow vinglers and kpop fans is have you ever gotten looked at weirdly because you like something? tell your story in the comments !
oh ! and also, i think people can already tell i'm kind of back on vingle. so i'm back from my hiatus :) i lost all of my lockscreens including the ones i had ready for the next post so i may not do lockscreens for some time. sorry about that. but i'm back on vingle again ! so yaaaay
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I don't know if they are looking at me weird because I read the articles, watch kdramas and listen to the music or it is that they are shocked I listen to it. I've always been a fan of Asia, whether it's Japanese or Korean or Chinese (those are my big 3). I've gotten some of my co-workers to listen to some of the music and like it due to my ringtones. People have asked "Hey that's kinda catchy what song is that?" I'm a big time foodie and cook a lot of Asian foods. My friends and co-workers accept and expect it from me; strangers on the street I don't give to shakes of jibooty what they think!! 馃槉
I always try to check out things that interest my teen daughter. Needless to say I now love Kpop (and anime). You think you get stares? Try being over 50 blasting GOT7 and pulling up to a RaceTrac. Haha. Makes me laugh and want to crank it even louder ;-)
I feel the same way. Like I used to tell people what I listen to (Korean and Japanese music) and watch (Korean and Japanese movies and tv shows) but I quickly stopped when people started criticizing and teasing me because of it. Now I don't let anyone in my room, unless they know, I don't let anyone use my phone or even look at my phone, I don't talk about it and when people ask me what kind of music I like I have to lie and say something I really don't like (American music) just to protect myself. It shouldn't be that way though. My family doesn't care that I do and I have found a few people and friends who found out what I like and are cool with it and respect the fact that I listen to Asian music instead of our horrible American music. But why should it matter what language it's in or what country it's from?! If it's something that makes someone else happy then why put that person down and make them feel like they should be ashamed and embarrassed for liking it?! Again it shouldn't be that way. People need to start understanding and respecting other people's tastes in music or whatever not put them down.
it's even worse when it's coming from your best friend that thinks Kpop is just a bunch of talentless Asian people attempting to dance and sing on stage, she hasn't even given it a chance 馃槖
I wouldn't know because I don't really care, but I know people judge me about it but I still don't care because I also know that there are people out there exactly like me and that's really all that matters to me