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Taemin main info: Name: Lee Taemin / 이태민 / 李泰民 Stage name: Taemin / 태민 Nicknames: Maknae, Power Taem, Taem, Taeminnie Position: Vocalist, main dancer and maknae Birthday: July 18, 1993 Height: 179cm (5'10) Weight: 53 kg (116lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Listening to music, Poppin (dance), playing the piano, Mandarin Fun Facts: -He was born in South Korea -He is the best dancer in the whole group -He is very close with his brother Lee Taesun and misses him often -He just graduated from High School in February 2012 -In 2013 he was paired with A Pink's Naeun to be on We Got Married.
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taeminie my baby i still have a hard time believing my baby is grown up soooooooooo much