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Original card & tagged by: BBxGD Before we dive into my top 12 I will start off by saying BBxGD Yes I absolutely love the BBMG cards!! I'm more of the silent type, I don't comment on cards often but you ladies in the BBMG crew definitely brighten up my day & more often than not giving serious issues with my ability to word properly. Now without further ado, let's do this! BBMG Squad @LocoForJiyong @xroyalreisx @dayashley11 @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD

1. Jay Park

My original 2PM UB turned solo artist. I knew his voice before I knew his face, this man is definitely an all-kill for me.

2. G-Dragon

I really don't even know where to begin with this man...

3. T.O.P

I've said it before & I'll say it again, his weird speaks to my weird. His looks, style, voice, personality what's not to love about this man?

4. Daesung

In my opinion the most underrated member of Big Bang, personally I can't get enough of him. His voice I have no words for, that's the effect it has on me. His eye smile & personality are just more of him to love.

5.Cha Cha

Cha Cha was a YouTube find & a most appreciated one.

6. Taeyang

His voice & his dancing are what pulled me in, his endearing sweetness keeps me coming back for more.

7. Ugly Duck

8. Simon Dominic

9. Seungri

Seungri for me is one of those idols that will forever be on my Squishy list.

10. Loco

11. Gray

12. ELO

lovedddd it... And ofcourse with GD there's no words for him 😂. Also thank you💙
@LocoForJiyong Thank you! I had fun with it😁 I found Jay through a friend lol. I hear you on Cha Cha.
your list was amazing and lol with Jay I found him on YouTube while watching my usual Ryan Higa videos since then I've loved him but this list is perfect and chacha is such an angel I appreciate him more than he even knows
@EliseB your welcome I would do anything for you
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