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Death the Kid - Soul Eater

Trying to remember back to my cliff-dive into the wonderful world of anime, I think DTK was probably my first anime crush... Gray Fullbuster may have come first, but I'm not sure, plus I already featured him in my Anime Crush card (day 7). I'm pretty sure I was crushing on Kid, though Soul's pretty cool, too (captures the heart of the musician in me <3). I'm not really sure why I had such a thing for DTK. I mean, he's pretty badass, and he speaks to my OCD/perfectionistic side! I may or may not still have a thing for this young shinigami...
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lol I couldn't agree more with that😄
For me its Natsu Dragneel. DTK's English voice actor also voices Natsu which I find totally awesome!😁 But my 2nd one would be Soul..💖 lol
death the kid is AMAZING! I love the English voice actor for him (Todd Haberkorn) did a fantastic job
For sure!!! Especially since you're only a couple states a away! @OtakuDemon10
Ahh!! Same! He's badass, a shinigami, and his OCD relates to myself as well!! Soul captured my heart first though..haha <3
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