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Ch. 6 He walks into the restaurant looking around for the person who could help him get in contact with Y/N. Once he spots her he smiles, fixing his tie and walking towards the table she was sitting at. Mrs. Lee? he asks. Mrs. Lee looks up to see an old acquaintance and she smiles as she stands up to give him a hug. Mrs. Lee gives the man a quick embrace and then motions him to sit down across from her at her table. Its been a really long time how have you been? Mrs. Lee asks the young man sitting across from her. He gives her a big smile. Things have been pretty hectic, Im sure you can understand with Y/Ns hectic schedule almost mirroring my own. He says before he takes another sip of his tea. Mrs. Lee nods her head. Where is Y/N? I havent heard from her in 2 years, I mean Ive seen shes been busy with concerts but thats about it? he explains as he sips his tea. Well, shes been pretty busy these last two years, but right now shes taking a break. She went back home to get some much needed RR. Mrs. Lee explains. Oh really, where is that? I thought she always lived in Seoul? he asks. Mrs. Lee shakes her head. No, she lived with my mother-in-law until she passed away, she moved to Seoul when she was in her last year of middle school. Mrs. Lee takes a bite of her cake and a sip of coffee. Do you have her phone number; I have something to ask her? Jimin asks. Mrs. Lee smiles and nods her head. Sure, Ill give you her number. She will also be coming to Seoul tomorrow for dinner with her father and I. Would you like to join us? Mrs. Lee writes Y/Ns number on a piece of paper and hands it to Jimin. So shes coming to Seoul for a family dinner? he asks. Mrs. Lee nods her head in confirmation. A smile spreads across his face. Great. He says under his breath. What time should I arrive? he asks. Meet us at La Seine at 7 p.m. Mrs. Lee said. Great, I will see you tomorrow at 7 then. It was so nice to run into you again. Jimin says as he stands up and bows before walking away. As hes walking memories of when he first met Y/N popped into his head. *Flashback* Excuse me, but do you know where the principals office is? she asks the boy standing at a locker. Jimin turns around. He looks at the girl standing in front of him from head to toe, he doesnt recognize her so she must be new. Hello, Im Jimin, are you new here? he asks. Y/N nods her head in reply. Jimin smiles at her. Come on, Ill walk you there myself, I was heading in that direction anyway. He says and motions for her to follow him. Thank you, I really appreciate it. She says smiling. Walking next to him she may be a couple of inches shorter but you couldnt tell. She would bet he was athletic and played on some school sports because his arms were very defined and muscled. They continue to walk down the hall talking. Well, here we are, just go on in, let the secretary know what you need and shell help you. Jimin says. Again, thanks for your help. Y/N says and bows her head in his direction, he smiles and just pats her on the head. No problem, if you need anything else dont hesitate to find me, my name is Jimin. He says before turning and walking away. Y/N enters the office. *End flashback* Meanwhile in Daegu: Yoongi slowly backs away, I feel his cheek brush against mine. Yoongi clears his throat. I dont know why you want to take piano lessons from me, I mean youre already a famous pianist. Yoongi lets it slip that he knows who she is. His eyes grow wide and he bites his lip when he realized what came out of his mouth, he smiles with a light chuckle while rubbing his neck. Ah, so you know who I am now? Y/N says in a playful tone of voice with a wink. Yoongi nods his head. Y/N chuckles. I guess I wanted to see you and I used it as an excuse for you to come see me, when did you know it was me? Y/N asks. I had a feeling it might have been you when I passed by this house the other day, but I wasnt for sure until you came to my shop. Yoongi explains, as Y/N just nods her head as she walks over to the couch and sits down. Well, have you missed me? she asked. Yoongi looked confused for a moment. It wasnt exactly the reaction Y/N was looking for. Youve forgotten about your childhood friend! Y/N says loudly as I cross my arms on my chest giving off my famous angry glare. Yoongi couldnt help but laugh at her. Which only made me madder, I turned my face away from him. Yoongi walks over to Y/N and sits on the table in front of the couch. You know, I always loved seeing that face when your annoyed or angry. I always thought it was cute. Yoongi explains as he reaches to touch her cheek. Y/Ns eyes soften and she tries not to smile but fails. I could always forgive him the moment after he did something to piss me off. Yoongi took this opportunity to get closer placing his forehead on hers. Thank you. Thank you for coming back, I thought Id never see you again. He says, he lets out a small sigh before pulling away. Y/N quickly wraps her arms around him hugging him tightly. Yoongi wraps his arms around her hugging back just as tightly. They break away from each others embrace, and start smiling while looking into each others eyes. Lets have dinner. Y/N suggested, Yoongi wouldnt pass up that. Okay no problem just as long as Im back home in time for the evening song. He replies. I understand so I run to grab my wallet and they leave the house. They go to a nearby restaurant and order a quick light meal roasted salmon with vegetables and white wine. They catch up on everything thats happened in their lives. My grandmother passed away when I was 18, Ive been living on my own since then. After you left I started working for Mr. Choi who owned the music repair shop and he died shortly after my grandmother, I was surprised when he left the shop to me. Ive been giving piano lessons since I was 20. Yoongi explains. I still keep my grandmothers tradition of playing a song in the evening, even though no one puts money in the hat, but lately theres been someone who has the last couple of nights and Im grateful for it. Y/N is focused on nothing else but Yoongi, she can listen to him talk non-stop for hours on end because his voice was very relaxing to her and she loved it. Yoongi finally stops and looks at Y/N who hasnt eaten very much. Are you not hungry? Yoongi asks. Y/N snaps out of her trance, looking down at her food. Oh yeah I am sorry, I was just listening to you. I explain. Im sorry to hear about your grandmother. I tell him. He smiles and nods his head. They eventually finish dinner and Y/N is about to drop him off at his home when. Hey, would you like to come in and have a front row seat to tonights song? Yoongi asks. Y/N eyes light up and she nods. Yoongi smiles they get out of her car and walk towards the door. Yoongi opens the patio doors wide open, and grabs the top hat. This is the same old top hat isnt it? Y/N asks. Yoongi nods his head. Yeah, its a special hat, I just couldnt throw it away. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. Yoongi takes it and places it in front of the gate. Come on, I have a concert to perform for you. Yoongi says with a smile. Y/N smiles and Yoongi turns running into the house, Y/N quickly reaches her wallet and puts money into the hat before entering the patio doors. Y/N sits on the chair in front of the piano that Yoongi had placed for her. Yoongi bows to his audience before turning to sit down at the piano and he starts to play Beethovens Fur Elise. Y/N has a smile from ear to ear when she hears one of her favorite pieces. The image she had of Yoongi playing the first night she heard him, matched perfectly with the image she is viewing live now.
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