Few days later you got a message from Big Hit entertainment. '(Y/n), you are going to be the upcoming group, BTS's manager. Congratulations! We will send you all their schedules from now on.' It felt unreal. You talked to yourself, 'Me? Manager? For real? OMFG!' As soon as you got the message you called Hoseok/your hope~ "Hello?" "HOSEOK!!!!!!" "Why?" "I'm gonna be your manager!!!!!!" "OMFG are you serious! We need to party!" "I'll be right there!" When you arrived at the studio, the boys were congratulating you and hugging you. Few minutes later, they started practicing BIG time. Sweat coming off of their hair, dropping one by one on the floor. You were able to hear Hoseok giving Jin better lessons, and Jungkook shouting out "HUNGRY!"Everyone of them were practicing as hard as they can to make their debut stage perfect and flawless. You looked into Hoseok's reflection in the mirror and you noticed he was staring at you. You smiled, and he winked back and gave you the cutest smirk. (The funny thing was he started blushing right away)^^. The boys sent you and Hoseok on a date. You were excited at the fact that it was just going to be you two. You guys were walking home, the lights were dim, you could hear the cars racing, and the wind was blowing against your hair. Hoseok was talking nonstop like usual but then he stops. You stop wondering why. He reaches his hand out and clears your hair out of your face. "Now I can see my beautiful girlfriend's face" "Thank you hobie~" "Is that my nickname now?" "Yep, Just made it up. :)" After you say that he stares into your eyes and says, "Your eyes are glittering" You blush and he pulls you in real fast. "Uh.. Hoseo-" "Shhh... Look at me." You looked up and his dreamy eyes were staring back at you with a lovely look. He leaned forward pulling you in even closer and kissed your forehead. Listening to the rhythm of his breath, you close your eyes slowly and he went down to your lips smiling and gave you a kiss. His lips were sweet and he teased you by going back and forth on your lips. You heard him having a small laugh. When you arrived in front of your apartment, Hoseok put you up to the stairs, so you were taller than him. "(Y/n)-ah~" "Why?" He puckered his lips to you in a cute way. You smiled and grabbed his face with both of your hands and gave him a quick kiss. "Love you (y/n), see you tmr"
Thank you! I J-hope you enjoyed! *wink* *wink*