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I know she was bad but her death broke my heart!!! 馃槶
Yea I'm not too sure either.. It's just like the chrona case in soul eater. Haha @ovvhr
I know what you mean.. I have mixed feelings about Envy. His death was just emotional.. 馃槱 @jevonlowery
not to be mean but I would have been sad for envy if he did not kill my favorite charater who was the best dad in the show 馃槓
That's your opinion. Lol @killersmiley819
Honestly I thought it was a guy in my opinion XD but I guess we'll never know O.o But yeah I had mixed feelings about Envy as well but honestly I wish they hadn't killed him, him or Greed they had both committed great sins but in the end they both wanted to live and no matter how you look at it taking life is wrong. So yeah I really wish they hadn't killed him.
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