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So guys I realized that I have not tried my hand at writing a one-shot for Yugyeom and BamBam so I wanted to try so here it is !!! I hope you guys enjoy it ,let me know what you guys thought in the comments. Warning:Mentions of alcohol
" Mark Hyung, why did you even bring me to this party" Yugyeom whines as soon as he enters the loud house full of people. The place already smells of alcohol and body oder making him cover his nose and mouth. "I just thought that my favorite dongsaeng could use some time away from studying" Mark yells over the music. Yugyeom just eyes his eyes. Yeah right he whispers to himself, he knows that Mark is simply using it as an excuse to wasted and to be with his boyfriend Jackson, who is currently walking towards them with red cups. "Hey baby" he says kissing Mark, "What's up Yum" he says before giving them both red solo cups.Mark down his cup while Yugyeom takes a cautious sip. He shakes his head looking in cup. So disgusting he thinks to himself. He couldn't fathom why anyone would even want to drink the disgusting beer ,but then again they are all meat heads.I guess I am too he thinks since I'm at a party with them all. He is pulled out of his thoughts when Mark ask him if he wants to dance with him and Jackson. Yugyeom shakes his head and tells them that he will be on the couch. He heads over to the couch and takes a seat. He takes in his surroundings again. There are people everywhere, all crowded, their bodies pushes together. He spots Jackson and Mark on the floor bodies close together , so close that he is pretty sure that they are basically doing the do with clothes on. Yugyeom sighs downing the rest of his drink, it's going to be a long night. 2 or 3 drinks later Yugyeom finds himself in the kitchen surrounded by people playing beer pong at the table. Who knew beer could be turned into game he thinks. He is so engrossed in the game he doesn't see that someone is walking right up to him. He stiffens as he feels arms go around his waist. "Guess who baby?" the voice whispers in his ear. A shiver runs up his spine and he quickly turns only to come face to face with his ex Park Junior. He quickly moves out of his arms and glares at him. "Don't touch me " he says. Junior only smirks at him and grabs his wrist. "I know you miss me" he whispers running his fingertips across Yugyeom's cheek. Yugyeom moves his head and attempts to free himself from Junior's grip "There is nothing to miss, now let go of me" he says. Junior just tightens his grip and leans closer to Yugyeom. "Let's stop playing these games , come back to me" he says running his other hand down Yugyeom's chest. Yugyeom looks around searching to see if Mark or Jackson is somewhere near by he panics when he doesn't see them. Surely Junior wouldn't do anything to him here in public he thinks, but then again it never stopped him before. Just tell him what he wants to hear and bolt he tells himself. Just as he is about to do just that some guy walks up behind him putting a hand on his back. "Hey babe, I've been looking for you everywhere " the boys says before prying Junior's hand off of Yugyeom's wrist. He quickly checks to make sure their is no bruise before he turns to Junior glaring at him "Please don't touch my boyfriend again" he says with a voice full of anger. Yugyeom blushes and looks at the boy sigh ride eyes. Boyfriend!? he thinks to himself. I don't even know this guy. Junior looks the boy then at Yugyeom "Yugyeom who is this guy?" . Before Yugyeom can respond the boy speaks up again "I'm Yugyeom's boyfriend, Kunpimook Bhuwakul" he says. He doesn't wait for Junior to respond before he grabs Yugyeom's hand and drags himself out. Yugyeom sits in the grass shaking his head ,he still feels dizzy but the cold night air has helped him sober up a bit. "My name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul, I know it's hard to pronounce so just call me BamBam." "Kim Yugyeom" Yugyeom says shyly. looks at BamBam now that they are outside he can see his face better. Perfect skin, beautiful chocolate eyes , nice full pink lips. Yugyeom looks a way feeling himself blush, he blushes even harder when he realizes that their hands are still intertwined. "Thanks for helping me out back there" he finally says still looking away. "No problem, how could I not help someone as cute as you" Yugyeom blushes and his eyes widen for the second time tonight. He looks at BamBam making eye contact. "You think I'm cute?" he asks blushing. BamBam laughs a leans in close "Super cute and you are even cuter when you blush" he says quickly before closing the space between them connecting their lips together. The End Hope you guys liked it. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors. Also sorry Junior had to be the bad ex lol.
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Yass!!! YugBam!!!!! Love them!!!
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