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Anime: Gintama!

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@NatsuMasamune Hell yes I watch it! Lol that's one of my favorites besides Fairy Tail! (that's why I made my new collection because I didn't want people to think that im only about Fairy Tail lol)
awwww but we of the fairy tail community love you
@NatsuMasamune TuT mah heart.. mah soul ❀ Thank you and I love you guys too! I just wanted to showcase my other favorites πŸ˜„ but Fairy Tail will always be #1 in my heart!
I feel like she's too young for him but they go soo well together! She's the only one who can match his sadistic personality.
@BluBear07 I felt that way too at first but then I just loved how they fought together and then when I saw them older in the Gintama Movie I said they can be fucken perfect together (and hotter too) and by then she will be of ageπŸ˜‰