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So I have new and a couple of questions. I'm writing this book it's more like a fan fiction. It's a twist on the Japanese tv series Fairy Tail but I wrote it to where I put myself in it. I don't know if I should keep it going. The book won't be exact like the tv show but with a couple of changes. If you have Wattpad would you be willing to read it when it's done? Would anyone be willing to read it? Also if I get enough people to say they will read it I'll post screen shots of the prologue for y'all to get an idea of what's it about. One last thing, if you do want to read it you'll have to wait because I'm not like everyone else on that app/website that posts the story chapter by chapter. I'm going to write it all until it's completely done. When it's done I will update this collection. Thanks y'all!
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you will probably see my comment on it later (Kuroko Reina)
It's sounds interesting, I'd Love to read it
This looks good!! I'd love to read it
@merryjayne13 thank you