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' South African coffee company Douwe Egberts believes people will love their coffee once they have tried it—to let more people try their product, they placed an innovative coffee machine at the O.R. Tambo International Airport, “where people most needed a coffee”. Unlike most coffee machines, this special one is not activated by money but by yawns—equipped with facial recognition software, it is capable of detecting the exact moment of a yawn. Once it detects a yawn, it starts to dispense a steaming cup of coffee for the tired person standing in front of it, who obviously needs a caffeine fix. ' Very innovative idea. If I was one of the consumers I would definitely buy some of their coffee after trying it out! ( and of course, if it tastes good :).) Text/image/video via: http://goo.gl/rnslX
so creative~
very creative indeed. better go practise that yawn now ...: )
I need one of those!
haha that's awesome. people are so creative