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One Piece
Going Merry's death.
This literally broke my heart into a million pieces. From the fact Luffy made the adult decision that they needed a new ship, to it causing Usopp to leave the Straw Hat crew... I am just so glad that the whole crew came together to show their respect for Merry when it was time to say their final goodbyes.. :(
Rukia and Ichigo say goodbye
This was intense. I feel bad because you could just tell Ichigo was going everything he could to stay strong and not show weakness in front of Rukia, knowing that she would never let him live it down. As she started to disappear from his sight, you could just tell he was crushed. He didn't want to loose his powers but had to do what was right in order to defeat Aizen.
Soul Eater
Soul jumps in front of Maka to save her
The terror in Maka's eyes, along with the deafening scream of his name afterwords is enough to put anyone with a heart into turmoil. Just the fact that literally for the rest of the series almost, she dwells on that night and refuses/gets uncomfortable seeing the big scar across his chest...filling my heart with pain and agony.
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Ed talks Winry out of killing Scar
This was a monument moment for EdxWinry. Ed purposely didnt want to tell Winry yet that he knew who the man who killed her parents was, but she overheard and found out the hard way. The pained look on Ed's face said it all. It was a very emotional moment for Ed, Winry, and all of us viewers.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed! Until next time!!
Tagging some nakama as always...
Def Going Merry!! And I also can find so many moments in FMA to have a hundred cards of mentions!! But Luffy on the boat just makes me tear up seeing that!!
Ikr??! I remember when you posted it... I wasn't that far into Bleach yet so I skipped reading that part of your card! Haha, it's crazy. @OtakuDemon10
@KurosakiJess I appreciate that馃槃 and I love how we featured the same Bleach scene! Glad I'm not the only one who was saddened by that馃様
Yep. I but the spoiler warning just for you! (:
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