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So I am back this week huge thanks to my wifey @twistedPuppy for covering for me last week. This week I am doing a short one shot story so enjoy!
" Oppa when are you coming back! I miss you." I pouted earning a small chuckle from the other end of the video chat. " You are so cute Y/n I can't wait to hold you in my arms again." Yunhyeong smirked while dancing randomly. " So when do you come back?" I asked once again just as the other members came into view. " Awe look it's Y/n! We miss you. Plus we need someone to keep your dork of a boyfriend in line!" The members joked walking away one by one after saying hello.
" Y/n you don't believe them right? I'm not a dork am I?" Yunhyeong laughed while showing his charm. " Baby you are the biggest dork I know, but it's okay because your my dork." I chuckled to myself as the members erupted with laughter. " Your girl has no chill!" I heard Bobby yell just before they were called to get ready for the stage. " I will be home before you know it my love." He smiled before saying our quick goodbyes.
Little did he know I was hiding backstage watching them perform with a little help from his members. Donghyuk had called me the other day saying all Yunhyeong ever did was whine about how much he missed me. Which you can imagine how crazy it drove the others just the thought made me laugh. Just then I heard voiced drawing near as I quickly fumbled to hide behind the curtains. " I can never get enough of Yunhyeong's English! " Hanbin laughed as they all made their way into the room.
" Whoa! Guys don't undress yet!" I heard Donghyuk yelled as I could only imagine the other six guys quickly trying to change. " Why not are clothes are wet with sweat." Bobby said confused with a whine. " Well I have a surprise for you guys." He said shyly which I hoped was my cue as I jumped out from behind the curtain. It of course wasn't as I saw 6 half naked guys standing their as their eyes widened. Yunhyeong was the first to react as he quickly cover my eyes yelling at the members to get dressed. " Y/n! I have missed you so much how did you get here?" He finally said pulling me into his arms after everyone was dressed. " Donghyuk said you were too busy whining to do anything so naturally I had to come save my baby." I smirked as I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist. " Yeah yeah yeah I love you too Y/n." He laughed before slightly pressing his lips against mine. " God I have wanted to do that for a while now." He cooed as we stood there looking into each others eyes.
AND there we have a short one shot Yunhyeong story to celebrate Yunhyeong Tuesday <3 I hope you all enjoyed.
@twistedPuppy haha because he ships double b and junjin xD
YUM 😍😍😍
Awww Yunhyeong 💖💖 He's so adorable!
@twistedPuppy 😂😂
@Sammie99522 for reals
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