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Heyy I'm back!! This is the last chapter! It took me long enough lol but be aware, this chapter seems longer.. but I hope you guys enjoy it! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
As you look in the mirror, you tell yourself, "Tonight is the night, that everyone will know that you're dating a very popular kpop idol". You felt very nervous but yet excited! You were all dressed up and ready to go. "Beep beep!" That must be Yani's mom outside, she came to pick you up to drop you off at the school dance, along with Yani and Maria. So you got in the car and you guys were excited to see each other and complimented each others dresses, hairstyles, etc. So you guys finally arrived at the school but showed up a little late, just to have all eyes on you. When you arrive, everyone is greeting you. The music is loud and everyone is dancing. To the left, theres the food & drinks, to the right, you can see some teachers and students sitting at the table, either eating, talking, or playing board/card games. The first thing Yani looks for is the food and once she spotted that, she got excited saying, "There's a lot of food, desserts, & candy! Let's go over there!" You and Maria laughed at her and nodded. So you guys go get something to eat and go sit down. You scan the dance floor and asked Maria & Yani, "So where are your dates?" you said smiling while eating your chicken. "Our dates hasn't showed up yet just like yours hasn't showed up yet" said Maria referring to Suho, Baekhyun, & Lay. You laughed & said "When Lay gets here you beta ask him about them". Yani suddenly stop eating and looked at you, putting her hand on your shoulder, "omg Y/n I can't believe you're actually dating Lay! Watch how everyone is going be so shocked, definitely Kimberly & her irritating ass friends!; I'm so proud of you y/n girrl!" You all laughed. Suddenly, EXO "Call me baby" came on and you all screamed out loud, fangirling!  So then yall got up and went to go dance. While you guys were dancing, Kim and her friends was right next to you, they saw you guys & suddenly one of them bumps into you. "Hey watch it loser!" You turn around & have this disgusted look on your face. "You bumped into me so you watch it loser!". Maria & Yani looked at them crazy. Yani got up in one of the girl's face saying "Why can't you guys leave her alone for once Damn!" Then Kim says "whatever! Look who have a date and look who doesn't! You guys are lame and never will get boyfriends!" They all laughed. But then you did a little chuckle. They were confused of why you laughed and they was talking about you guys! "What's so funny y/n?!" Then you drop the bomb! "I bet you didn't know my boyfriend is a kpop idol!" Maria and yani was shocked. The girls stared at you crazy, "what?? Since when did you have a boyfriend? Please stop lieing to yourself y/n! A kpop idol? Haha! Keep dreaming, you're crazy!" So they continued to laugh untill a tall figure approachs you from behind. He put his arms around you. You were startled by his touch but then you recognized who this was. You were suprised, happy, and nervous! The girls suddenly stop laughing and was in total shocked with their mouths open! "OMG OMG OMG TH--TH-THAT'S LA- LAY FROM EXO!!!" They all screamed including Yani and Maria, which was so funny to you, you started cracking up! Everyone started to look around to see whats going on and once they saw Lay, they went haywire trying to rush near him but Lay's security guards blocked their way. It was crazy! Kim then said "How can you like a ugly girl like y/n?! Omg what do you see in her seriously?" Lay had a frown on his face, saying "Hey! That's just mean! Why do you hate her so much? Why do you give her a hard time? She is the most nice, sweethearted person I have ever met, & she have a good personally. She's very beautiful too. Please stop bullying her okay? That's not nice". I blushed like hell and everyone around us was shocked and awwed. People were taking pictures and everything. Kim started crying because she was so embarrassed so her & her friends walked off upset. You, Maria, & Yani looked at each other suprised saying "daebakk!". So now everyone knows about you and Lay, soon the whole world will know! Lay asked you, are you okay? and you tell him that you are fine. "Thanks for protecting me Lay" you said while  hugging him. "No problem, anything for you, hey let's go dance!" he smiles. So guys are dancing with each other. It was a litte weird because everyone was staring and taking pictures. Afterwards you two take a break. Yani and Maria comes over by the table. You introduced Lay to your best friends and they introduced their selfs; they were too excited and got his autograph. "Lay oppa.. Can you introduce us to Suho and baekhyun?" Maria asked shyly. Lay didn't think it was bad idea so he said "sure!, actually they are about to walk in". Maria and Yani was screaming once they walked in. Everyone screamed and took pictures. Suho and baekhyun found their way to Lay. You were also freaking out inside but didn't show it. "So Lay is this the lucky lady you mentioned to us?", he smiles. Lay noddled yes, her name is y/N." "Its nice to meet you" both of them shooked your hand. Suddenly both Suho and Baekhyun looked over to see your best friends standing there, smiling. Maria and Yani introduced their selfs. 5 minutes later they are dancing with Suho and baekhyun. Turns out, the school dance was successful! It was the best night ever!
The next morning, it was no school. You was so happy. When you unlocked your phone, you got a lot of notifications! All on social media & news outlets, everyone was talking about Lay, Baekhyun, & Suho being seen at a high school dance with some girls that are possibly their girlfriends! It was crazy, but then you started laughing. You called Yani and Maria on the phone. They picked up saying "annyeong!". You then begin spazzing, "omg you guys! have you been on the facebook, twitter, etc? Everyone is talking about last night!" "Yes yes we know" said Yani laughing. You guys talked about it for awhile then hung up. Suddenly Lay texts you saying, "Good morning beautiful! How did you sleep? I enjoyed last night with you, we should go out more often. Hey you should come to our concert today. Bring Yani & Maria with you too, you guys can get in for free". You jumped up and down excited! You texted back, "Good morning handsome, I slept great, I hope  you slept great too, I enjoyed last night too, thanks for showing up, & we will love to come to you guys concert! We will be there! Thanks babe". So. you told Maria and Yani about it, of course they was happy too. Hours passed, You got yourself ready for the concert. "Knock knock" you go see who's at the door and it was your best friends. You let them in. Maria asked, "how will we get there? Then suddenly, we hear "beep beep!" we all look outside and there's a black limo parked in front of your house. You guys couldn't believe it! So you all get in the limo and see Lay, Baekhyun, Suho. Lay looked at you and smiled, "you look pretty". You smiled saying thank you and told him he looks good too. So you guys arrive and there's a lot of fans in front screaming, you see the paparazzi, & other news outlets. Once the door opened, first you and Lay got out, then Yani & baekhyun, and finally Maria & Suho. You felt like a superstar. You was living the dream. You got to see the rest of the Exo members backstage and you guys all introduced yourselves and took pictures. You, Maria, & Yani got front role seats. Exo preformed, "Xoxo", "Baby", "Peter Pan", "Call me baby", "Love me right", Transformer, "Hurt", and more! You all fangirled & cried like babies. Finally the last performance was Lay's solo. Before he started singing, he had something to say. "Before I start singing, I just want to say this special song is dedicated to my new gf y/n!" everyone started screaming and awwing. He continued, "she is a very special person, she's beautiful, she likes me for who I am, loyal, & caring. Even though, we just got together, I just to say.. I'm falling in love with you y/n! And I hope you feel the same, this song is for you baby!" Everyone cheered on. You cried tears of joy. Even Maria and Yani started to tear up. Lay started to perform the song. As he was singing, he got off the stage and start going towards you. He grabbed your hand and took you on the stage. He was in your face singing, then he raps his arms around you, and kisses you deeply. The crowd went crazy! Well now you know my boyfriend is a kpop idol! THE END!!~~~~~


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